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3 Tips To Survive Any Outing With A Baby + Giveaway

Baby · Mom Stuff · Sponsored Post · April 10, 2017

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Having a new baby can be scary. Every new thing that comes along can freak even the most calm person out. For me that big freakout was outings. I was so worried about every outing and making sure we had everything we needed and planned as much as possible. Today I am sharing with you my 3 tips to surviveย any outing with a baby.

3 Tips To Survive Any Outing With A Baby

Tip 1: Be Prepared. When I was pregnant I started trying to figure out what to keep in our diaper bag. I asked a lot of friends, looked at lists online, and then after about 3 outings with Liam I figured out what we really needed. Making sure we had plenty of formula, extra outfits, burp cloths, and of course diapers and wipes is VERY important! We are a pampers loving family. We use Pampers Swaddlers diapers and Pampers wipes every single day. We love Pampers Swaddlers and how well they fit our little boy and are great to avoid leaks. They keep him clean and dry all day and all night. We take Liam out a ton. We go for walks almost daily, and I take him with me to the gym and on errands as well as just fun outings for the 3 of us. Having great diapers and wipes and being prepared with all the things we may need is so important and takes so much stress out of every outing. I remember asking all of my friends which diapers to use and Pampers Swaddlers was the response every single time! Make sure you are prepared and you will survive any outing with a baby!

Right now there are 2 amazing in store events with Pampers and BRU: 3/29-4/12: FREE $20 GIFT CARD WITH ANY 2 PAMPERS VALUE BOXES OF DIAPERS REG 42.99 INSTORE ONLY and 3/29-4/22:ย 12.99 PAMPERS WIPES REG 15.99.

Tip 2: Plan Ahead. With an 8 week old baby planning ahead can be kind of hard. Last week just as we were leaving Liam spit up. So of course, outfit change and then a new diaper. So we were out the door about 20 minutes later than I had planned. But if you know you are going to have an outing or go on a walk try to plan ahead. I try to time everything around naps and feedings. It really makes those outings a lot easier if the baby is full, happy, and dry when you leave! We have a trip coming up to visit family in Houston and our first long car trip so I am so glad we are stocked up on Pampers to get us through!

Tip 3: Let It Go. No matter how much you are prepared and plan ahead things just happen. Babies spit up, and have blowouts, and cry. My biggest thing is learning to just let it go. When Liam starts crying in the middle of Nordstrom while Andrew is trying on shoes I have to remember he’s a baby and people get it. I can’t worry about what others think or stress. I have to just handle the situation. My biggest advice is to just let it go and enjoy every outing. Having those items you need like Pampers with you will help you for sure!

I would love to know any tips you have to survive any outing with a baby!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • 54 thoughts on “3 Tips To Survive Any Outing With A Baby + Giveaway

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I raised three children who are now grown adults and I survived! It is always preparedness for anything and everything that helped me through those years! Thanks for sharing the giveaway. My daughter would love to enter and hope to win. Shes got a 6 month old baby who loves the outdoors!

    2. Michelle

      What a fun giveaway! Little ones are hard – you have to let go of the small stuff and not let the crying get to you. As a momma you do what you gotta do to get thru the day. I used to walk around the City a lot when the kids were small – the fresh air was good for both of us LOL.

    3. Tonya Wilhelm

      I love it starts with coffee! I feel like I’m in a similar boat with a dog with medical issues. I have a lot to think about and planning even before I hit the car. Fun post!

    4. Rachel G

      I can definitely imagine that leaving the house with a tiny baby is a much bigger ordeal than it ever was before the baby arrived! I’m looking forward to the day when we have our own little one!

    5. Divya

      I always worry about losing my social life when I have a baby for this reason. I’d be too scared to do anything or take them out of the comfort of their home. Keeping these things in mind will be helpful when I have a little one of my own!

    6. Abby @ WinsteadWandering

      My favorite thing to do, without baby, is go out to eat. When I take baby somewhere, my biggest tip is to mentally go through what you’ll encounter when you’re out. Might he need sunscreen? A jacket? Will it be easier to wear him or to push him in a stroller? Doing that before I leave the house helps me be prepared for the day.

    7. Brooke

      Being prepared is so important! I always tend to pack more diapers, wipes, and bottles than we will really need. Though a few times, my over planning has really come in handy as we have stayed out longer than we expected.

    8. Nancy Loring

      My favorite thing to do is to get in the kayak on a beautiful and just paddle to the middle of the lake and just lean back and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the peace and quiet all around me.

    9. lisa

      After having twins we learned we couldn’t go anywhere without planning ahead. Letting go was the hardest part for me but I have learned to relax and roll with the punches that outings bring us lol!

    10. Jessica Crissman

      Our babies our the same age and I just love going for walks with him. This is a great list of advice

    11. Jolina

      Nice giveaway! When my sister had her baby she would bring EVERYTHING and I would make fun of her but turns out she’s not just being paranoid! Those wipes especially – they are lifesavers.

    12. cara

      It never fails when you don’t have an extra outfit or diaper, they will always mess themselves, so having backups is a must! lol Great tips!

    13. Elizabeth Johnson

      These are really great tips! The biggest thing I found was too let it go. Like you said things will happen and no matter how prepared you are just let it go. When my daughter was two weeks old we were in Babies R Us and she had a MASSIVE blow out. Thankfully we were in a store that had wipes if we needed them but we decided to just let go and laugh about it. We later referred to the incident at the Mount Vesuvius event. HAHA!

    14. Leila

      These are such great tips! As any trip I take with my baby, these are really the main things that I usually do. Great giveaway!

    15. Keating |

      Just pinned this! This is such a great post. We’re now 6 weeks away from our baby’s arrival and I’m stocking up on helpful posts like this. So many of my favorite bloggers have had babies in the last couple months so it works perfectly! I’m learning from you all haha I think the big one for me will be learning to let it go. I have anxiety, especially in social situations so I know I’m going to panic a bit if the baby cries in public and all eyes are on me. As someone who loves kids, I never look down upon parents who are having to go through this. I get it. But I know not everyone reacts that way to a crying baby or screaming toddler. Some get genuinely mad and even rude. So learning to tune out those around me in those situations is going to be challenging for me.

    16. McKenzie Allyshia

      These tips are absolutely amazing โ™ฅ I wish I would have read this post when my son was a newborn. Eventually I learned to carry plenty of spares in my car. It saved me so many trips home!

    17. Mistyu

      I love pampers and Luvs diapers. They work great and hold a lot in. We also cloth diaper, but only when we are home. Less hassle. Growing baby number two right now and fully stocked on diapers and wipes. Feels great to be prepared.

    18. Alicia

      This is a great post for new moms. I have 4 kids now so it’s becoming routine to have all 4 kiddos and combine our toddler’s diapers and a set of clothes, in our newborn’s diaper bag. We use Pampers for diapers and wipes! Our go to brand.

    19. Katelyn

      I had a baby right around the same time as you. My new favorite out of the house tip is to pack an extra shirt for mama too! Our little one has full on hit the spit up stage and often times I find myself needing a new outfit too. We love going for walks to local coffee shops or around the mall!

    20. Kelsie

      I totally agree with these! Eli always falls asleep about 20 min after a feed and sleeps like a champ in his seat, so car rides, restaurants, shopping, and walks are golden!

    21. Jessica

      THIS is the perfect advice for a new mom! I’m just doing my pre-research so that hopefully one day I will have that title LOL…maybe then I can stock up on this giveaway you have going on here ๐Ÿ™‚

      Something I love to do is incorporate dancing in my everyday. It releases stress, allows me to let loose and feel good. Just pump up my favorite song, get in a good mood, and burn calories?! Yes!

    22. Emily Edwards

      My favorite thing to do is practice yoga! Followed by taking my dogs on a walk with my husband! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3


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