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5 Things You Need In Your About Page

Blogging · April 6, 2017

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I feel like sometimes one of the most neglected parts of blogs are the “About” page. We set it up but then leave it alone. We don’t tweak it and come back to it. We don’t utilize SEO for it. You guys I am here to tell you that my about page comes up in search for my blog ALL THE TIME! I want to tell you about 5 things you need in your about page so you can make sure you are utilizing every aspect of it!

5 Things You Need In Your About Page

5 Things You Need In Your About Page

Your URL: You probably don’t think too much about your about page URL do you? It probably looks something like or Am I right? If I am right, then that’s not the best way to go about it. In fact you should change it ASAP! My suggestion would be your city and niche you most commonly discuss. For instance or Since I made this change to my about page 5 plus years ago, I am constantly at the top of search for Dallas Lifestyle Blogger and Dallas Beauty Blogger. Do you know how many times brands have told me that’s how they found my blog by searching for a Dallas lifestyle or beauty blogger? No one is searching for “about me”. Read more about that here.

Your Email: Do you want people to find you? Do you think they should have to constantly be looking for your email? Yes you have a contact page and that’s awesome, but why does it hurt to have your email on your about page as well? My suggestion is to have your email several places throughout your blog. In my experience no one is going to search for it. Don’t make them have to.

Your Current Life: Did you write your about page when you first started blogging and since then 3 years have passed and you haven’t touched it? Mistake. You should be updating it several times a year. I like to say once a quarter at least. I’m not talking about a complete rewrite but did you make a big move? Or career change? Did you have a baby? Get married? Make sure those things are updated at least briefly. For instance “We are welcoming a baby girl this summer!” Just one sentence can open up a ton of possibilities. You don’t need your entire life story in your about page but enough so that readers and brands can get a good idea of who you are all while staying current in your life.

A Photo that represents you: It drives me crazy when I go to a blog and they have either 10 photos or a photo from 5 years ago. It doesn’t have to be professional but it should be current within the last 2-3 years. Again this is just my opinion and my experience.

SEO: Your page should have GREAT SEO! This is where that city/niche URL tip comes around. I won’t lay out exactly how to do SEO right here (that needs it’s own post…or 12). But just make sure you are doing SEO for your about page just as you would for any blog post. It’s just as if not more important.

Knowing which things you need in your about page can be tough. I hope learning about these 5 things you need in your about page was helpful!

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  • 52 thoughts on “5 Things You Need In Your About Page

    1. Cristina

      I have mixed feelings about including the e-mail. I’m thinking to remove it from the contact page too, since the spam amount is getting bigger and bigger. I want to be contacted, not spammed.

    2. Kate

      I had not even considered the URL! I will definitely change that. I just updated mine for the first time in 2 years bc baby 3 was born.

    3. Kiara

      Love these tips especially about updating it frequently. Which reminds me It might be time for me to make some updates to mine as well! Love these tips!

    4. Bri

      Great tips! I also hate when I go to an about me page and the photos are so dated!! I might be guilty of having older ones, but not like 4 years ago!!

    5. Katie

      Oh my gosh, what a great idea for the About page URL. I’ve never thought about that. I’m going to have to fix that tonight!

    6. Leslie Soto

      This is something I definitely need to work on with my blog. I know an About Me page is so important but i’ve overlooked mine for so long. Now it’s time to make this a priority though so i’m going to pin this as a great reference guide. Thank you for sharing it.

    7. Jessica Harlow

      I think it’s possible you could have prefaced this post with Dear Jessica! lol I am super guilty of ignoring my About Me page and can definitely make all of the improvements you suggest. They are all relatively easy fixes/updates and I need to make them a priority. I agree too, each quarter is a good idea!

    8. Kim

      Great tips!

      My first about page was HORRIBLE when I started my blog, but I’ve made tweaks since then. I think I need to do a complete overhaul though since I am approaching my first year in business and blogging! I will keep these tips in mind!

    9. Divya

      Whoa, I never realized I should change up my URL. Is it going to impact SEO in any way if I try to change it now after five years of having it be

    10. Arnelle

      I am definitely changing my About Page URL. I focus so much on content that I often neglect one of the only pages where people can learn about who I am. Great post!

    11. Liz Mays

      These are great points! If you can start out a new blog with these things you’ll really give yourself an early advantage. I wish I would have known about SEO earlier in my blogging career.

    12. ShootingStarsMag

      Great tips! I’m totally guilty of ignoring my About Me page. I’m thinking of switching over to WordPress soon and getting my own domain name, so I need to work on something new for when that goes live!



    13. Southern & Style

      Thanks for this post-I just went and updated my about me because of this!

      I would love more posts about SEO, I’m so curious but yet overwhelmed by it as well! I know there are probably tons of other blogs that talk about it, but you just have a great way of explaining things that makes it uncomplicated for me!

      xoxo, SS

      Southern And Style

    14. Emily

      Changing the URL of your about page – brilliant! I would have never thought of that. I went and changed mine immediately! Thanks for the tips 🙂

    15. Dominique

      Thank you so much for sharing these tips! I made updates to my about page as I was reading through. It had never occurred to me to update the url and / or have easier ways for people to make contact. I also made a few updates SEO wise. I’ll be really keen to see how this affects our traffic!

    16. lisa

      I’m not sure if I have my url on my about page or not. I do have the other things after I recently updated it!

    17. Yolanda

      This is so helpful! I made a note to update my about me page! I can’t believe I’ve been neglecting it. So glad I stumbled on this post!(:

    18. Charlotte

      Thank you so much for sharing this! I just updated my About Page SEO (shame on me for not doing this previously!). Though I do have New Jersey lifestyle blogger in the URL, I didn’t update my YOAST SEO so the snippet describes my blog briefly. Invaluable advice, as always–and thanks so much for sharing!

      PS: As someone who is CONSTANTLY searching for ways of contacting bloggers, email is SO important! I never understand why bloggers would hide it, but it’s crucial for sponsored opps!!

    19. fnaf

      These are great tips! I think these tips work for all occasions. Prioritizing what’s important, asking for help, and finding time for yourself are a must!


      Great tips. The most important is the location of the blogger. I hate trying to find where someone is from. I schedule speakers for a local organization and am amazed at how many don’t mention where they are located. ALSO THOSE WHO DON’T WANT TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL? Duh! why do you blog or have a website if you don’t want to be contacted?? Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us peons. Bless you

    21. Megan

      Thanks so much for all the tips I seriously wasn’t aware of any of this and honestly for a while I even forgot that I had wrote on, I checked it out after not looking at it since I started my blog and I realized how out of date the post was and how much tweeking and changing it needs, I am definetly implementing all these tips and putting this on top of my priorites to update and mange quarterly.

      Meg //


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