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3 Ways To Get Your Posts Shared

Blogging · April 12, 2017

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When you write a blog post and hit publish there is such a good feeling behind it. The worst feeling is the crickets that come when you don’t get much or any traffic, interactions, or comments. So today let’s talk about ways to get your posts shared.

ways to get your posts shared

Ways To Get Your Posts Shared

Share In Groups: I am a part of A TON of blogger related groups. I personally love them for a few reasons. One, it helps you find a ton of new blogs to follow. Most of the blogs I read daily I would have never found otherwise. Two, it gives you an opportunity to share YOUR posts and social media with audiences that may not have seen them otherwise. Lastly, it gives you a chance to connect with others. There are so many threads in groups to leave your posts for the day, leave social media links, etc. The great part is you share and comment on what fits with you and vise versa. These are GREAT ways to get your posts shared and get traffic to your blog. Go on Facebook and search blogging and you will find tons of groups! Also search locally for example Texas Bloggers. I promise by joining and participating in these groups you will see your posts shared so much more.

Rock The Social Media Game: Do you share your own posts? Daily? Even when you don’t have something new? If you are working social media right you are always posting. You are pinning, you are recycling pins (I use Boardbooster), you are tweeting out old posts, you are posting on your Facebook page, etc. If you are utilizing social media to it’s fullest to promote your own blog you are going to get your posts shared!

Share The Love: Going along with sharing your own posts all the time you SHOULD be sharing things from other bloggers. Bloggers both in your niche and in other niches. I use Pinterest and Twitter the most for this but something as simple as Retweeting a post from a blogger or sharing the love on Facebook makes them feel so good. In return they will probably share things of yours. The more you share the love the more the love gets shared right back. Don’t be social media selfish.

I hope you found these ways to get your posts shared helpful and that it gives you a new perspective.

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  • 35 thoughts on “3 Ways To Get Your Posts Shared

    1. Johanne

      Great tips, thanks! I launched my blog yesterday and haven’t fully decided on my strategy yet. Probably not weird, since I just started yesterday. But still, articles like this are very helpful!

    2. Divya

      I could definitely be better about rocking the social media game. I just have to carve out time during the weekend to schedule out my posts! I have some hidden gems that are buried under some of my more recent posts and I’d love for them to see the light of day again!

    3. Abbey

      Yes, yes, and yes! Sharing other content is so key, as well as staying active in your social media! It’s definitely a juggling act!

    4. Crystal

      Good tips…I have done all this and still not much traffic though….I am hoping this changes soon. 🙂

    5. Nikki Leigh

      Great info. My blog is an old newborn. I’ve had it for a while but I just recently decided to start taking it seriously and update on a regular basis. I found your blog through a blogger group and I’m a member of a few others.

    6. Leanna

      Love these tips! I’m trying to get better with Pinterest and Twitter. I feel like I don’t have the time but I know that i’m just not managing it well enough. Thanks for the tips! I actually started following your blog from the SYBL group!

    7. Saidah Washington

      Just connecting with other bloggers and black robes and also just small niche networks has been really fundamental in the growth of my blog and getting my blog shared by fellow bloggers as well as my readers.

    8. Annemarie LeBlanc

      Thank you for sharing your insight. I think the best way to draw readers to your blog is to “create noise.” Sharing on social media, joining groups and helping spread the word are awesome ways to draw traffic. Reciprocation and actively responding to comments give the readers a more personal experience. Keep doing that and your readers will put your blog out there for their friends and relatives to see.

    9. Louisa

      Definitely love your tips! I love BoardBooster for sharing my pins. I also find blogger groups as a great way to connect with other bloggers and reach a wider audience.

      ​Louisa || ​​La Passion Voutee

    10. Sheila Jo

      Blogger groups are great! I learn so much from reading other blogs, even when they have nothing to do with my niche!

    11. Sara

      What are some of your favorite groups? I feel like there are some really active mommy blogger groups, but I have a harder time finding lifestyle blogger groups!

    12. Autumn

      I need to get better at promoting my own posts daily as well as others. I think it really is helpful way of sharing your content. As for blogging groups, they have been such a fun way to build community! Great post.


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