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5 Best Things To Do With A Toddler In Washington DC

Baby/Parenting · Travel · August 6, 2018

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Recently Andrew, Liam, and I went to Washington DC. Andrew needed to go for work and Liam and I tagged along. I thought it would be a great time to show him our nation’s capital, as well as take him to do some cool things. Before we went I did a bit of research and also just from my own experience came up with the 5 Best Things To Do With A Toddler In Washington DC.

best things to do with a toddler in washington dc

5 Best Things To Do With A Toddler In Washington DC

Smithsonian Zoo: The first full day we were there Liam and I went to the zoo. It was a short 10 minute walk from our hotel through a cute neighborhood. The weather was really nice and the zoo is free so it was a no brainer. I will say we went right when it opened and a lot of the animals were still asleep. But we saw A LOT! Liam’s favorite was the children’s farm area that had cows. Go figure. Cost: Free

Wegmans Wonderplace at the American History Museum: If you go the National Museum of American History and go down to the first floor you will find Wegmans Wonderplace. A toddler friendly area that has a child size replica of Julia Child’s kitchen, a giant boat they can steer, a farm area, and more. Liam spent about an hour playing in there and I basically had to make him leave. Cost: Free

Museum of Natural History:  This was something I was really excited to take Liam to. I knew he would freak out at the animal exhibits and the dinosaurs. He is such an observant little boy and he just had his eyes wide the entire time. Great place to bring kids. Cost: Free

Air and Space Museum: Since Andrew is a lover of planes and space I knew I wanted to take Liam here! Liam is really into cars right now and planes are a close second. He loved seeing the space shuttles, planes, and everything in between. He suckered me into buying him a stuffed rocket. There is a children’s area where kids can explore learning about gravity and see different shows. Cost: Free

Walk around Georgetown: I wanted to get some Georgetown cupcakes for all of us to try, so one day we drove into the Georgetown area and walked around, I got a coffee and we got some cupcakes. Liam loved people watching. I say this is toddler friendly because it’s a cute area with shops and restaurants. Plus cupcakes! Cost: Free until you buy cupcakes

If you are planning a family trip to DC any time soon, note that so many things there are kid and toddler friendly. I was honestly surprised by how much stuff Liam could enjoy. I think we could have done even more had we had the time! I truly think these are the 5 Best Things To Do With A Toddler In Washington DC!

When we were in DC we got to drive the 2018 Toyota Highlander. This car was GREAT for travel with Liam. It had captains seats which made getting to the way back super easy. Tons of room for the stroller, car seat, and all of our luggage. My favorite part was the air-conditioned seats, which now I have no idea how to function without. The car was seriously wonderful. I personally drive a different version of the Toyota Highlander and I can’t recommend them enough. They are fantastic for not only travel but every day life with kids. Most of my friends even have them because they are so great for families. Big thanks to Toyota!!

Have you been to Washington DC?

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  • 21 thoughts on “5 Best Things To Do With A Toddler In Washington DC

    1. Jaclyn

      We took our three kids to DC over spring break (ages 5-11). We loved it!! Our favorites were the Arlington Cemetery, American History Museum and Air and Space Museum. It is a LOT of walking–so I made sure we had our stroller for our 5 year old.

    2. Marcie W.

      Washington DC is definitely on my travel bucket list and taking my children along would be an absolute must. There is so much rich history to absorb.

    3. Diane

      We love taking our kids to SC but they’re older! We will be adopting soon so this is great info for when we have a toddler again!!

    4. Jennifer

      What a wonderful trip! I have never looked at DC through the eyes of a toddler, or planned a trip to DC based on the needs of a toddler. This is a great idea, as there is so much to do! I love the idea of the Wegamans wonderland.

    5. Bailey

      I love DC! It’s such a great place to visit with kids because so many things are free AND it’s educational.

    6. Rosi

      Washington DC seems like a very interesting place. Thanks for sharing this blog with us, Please keep sharing more blogs.


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