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5 Lessons I’ve Learned Blogging

Blogging · July 17, 2017

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This December will mark the start of my 9th year blogging! That’s crazy to me. When I started my blog I never had the intention for it to be a full time job. In fact, I was shocked after a year I had kept up with it. Now it’s hard to imagine my life without it. I wanted to share 5 lessons I’ve learned blogging with you guys because a few of these have been on my mind a lot lately.

5 Lessons I’ve Learned Blogging

Be Nice To Everyone: You know that brand that emailed you but you aren’t a good fit? Don’t just ignore the email. Politely respond because people in PR move jobs all the time and you never ever want to burn a bridge. You know that blogger just starting out? Be a mentor. Trust me.

Expect Nothing: Do not go into blogging expecting to be a full time blogger within 3 months. That’s just unrealistic. Do not go into blogging expecting to work with huge brands right off the bat. Also unrealistic. Do go into blogging expecting nothing other than to do it because you love it!

Be Grateful: For every single opportunity, sponsored post, event invite, freebie, PR package, friend you make, etc. The opportunities are endless but be gracious and grateful for them.

Take Every Opportunity: This is something I did a LOT when I first started. I went to every meet up, event, lunch, dinner, brunch, meeting, conference, etc. Now I pick and choose a little more because I have a husband and baby who I want to spend my free time with. But take as many opportunities as you can! They will only help you!

Guard Yourself: To me this has a lot of meanings. You may have noticed that you don’t see pictures of my baby on my blog. You may also notice you RARELY see pictures of my husband, my parents, or my friends. There is a reason for that. This is my blog. This is about me and not them. They have their own private lives and I do not want to force them to be a part of my blog. I do not share a TON of personal stuff that has to do with others. I do share a lot of my own personal things though. To me this also means that not everyone is out there to be your friend. A lot of people are out for themselves so guard yourself to that. Most people you meet in blogging are genuine and wonderful, but there are the occasional bad apples.

I hope you found these 5 lessons I’ve learned blogging helpful! I would love to know a blogging lesson you’ve learned!

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  • 49 thoughts on “5 Lessons I’ve Learned Blogging

    1. Divya

      You’ve been blogging for so long! I definitely agree with you on all of these. I wish I had taken advantage of the many opportunities to network or go to events while living in California. There aren’t as many where we are now!

    2. Laina Turner

      Great 5 tips. Be grateful is the best. In any aspect of life. Not just blogging. There are so many opportunities that open up when you appreciate where you’re at.

    3. Brandy

      This really is a great post, It took me a couple of years back in 2008 to really get making some cash to support three kids on my own with just my blog. I also had direct sales and virtual assistant business to help during those days, but the blog took about 2 years to make a solid income that made sense. I love that you have lived and learned and now can use this knowledge to advance in the industry and to help guide others too!

    4. Jaime

      These tips are so, so true! I always respond to brands when they write to me directly about an opportunity or feature that just isn’t the right fit for me … they might have something that works in the future, or they might move to a brand I’d love to work with! Managing expectations is a big one too. I went into blogging with no expectations – back when blogging wasn’t even a “thing” (if you know what I mean) but it’s mind-blowing how so many people out there start blogs now for all the wrong reasons! Loved this post.

      xo Jaime

    5. Erika

      Hi! I love the thoughts on not blogging about others. I try not to name names, or tell other people’s stories for that same reason! Great list, thanks!

    6. [email protected]

      These are great lessons! Especially be nice to everyone. I think a lot of people forget how close bloggers tend to be as a whole and that news travels fast especially in the various niches.

    7. steph parrell

      I was thinking o sharing some of my own lessons. I have gone through so many ups and downs with my blog, proud moments and frustrations. I like reading how other people feel similarly

    8. Beverley Golden

      I completely agree with you about being guarded! I see how the online space seems to have everyone sharing everything about everyone in their family, all the time. Not a good thing at all. It seems our privacy is being eroded and we are complicit by being okay and feeding it. Being grateful and also acknowledging and being nice is always a good practice in both our personal and our work lives. Life is about building relationships and people remember those who express gratitude and also who they see care. Thanks for sharing your lessons and congrats on your milestone as a blogger!

    9. Aishwarya Shenolikar

      So true! Gratitude is the most vital while blogging, as is expecting nothing. Blogging or writing is something we do for ourselves, so expecting anything wouldn’t be so right. Thanks for a reality check! Need it once in a while! ?

    10. lisa

      These are all great tips! I think the being guarded is very important to. I include very little of my family, but I do mention them at times.

    11. Nicole Green

      Congratulations on 9 years! That’s amazing. Lately, I’ve been struggling with being a mentor and still remaining guarded & just drawing those boundaries. Here’s hoping more time makes that learning curve a little easier.

    12. Muna Kenny

      I agree with all that you’ve mentioned, and I take the guard you part very seriously, so serious that you don’t even see my pictures on my blog. Just how I respect others privacy, I want mine to be respected. If one wants to make it in the blogging industry, he should not rely on others and keep on learning to get better.

    13. Jolleen

      9 years! Wow, great job making it this far. I love the one where you say be nice to everyone. That’s always the best way to handle situations! lol

    14. Liz Mays

      I learned some of the same things! It’s definitely good to remind yourself how cool it is to have all of these travel and sponsorship opportunities!

    15. Robin

      It’s CRAZY that you’ve been doing this for nine years. Congratulations on figuring out that this was a worthwhile use of your time long before the rest of us did – I envy that on one hand because I wonder what kind of impact I could have had if I had started earlier. But on the other hand, as you point out, blogging can be an uphill battle in many ways – and it’s the people who were doing it long before brands wanted to work with bloggers, and before it was considered a valuable use of your time, who paved the way for the rest of us.

    16. Helen

      These are fantastic lessons! I am grateful for every opportunity I am given through blogging and always always remain polite. I think these are the most important things to remember.

    17. Rosey

      My boys don’t mind being a part of my blog. My daughter is much more selective about it. I respect her wishes.

    18. Nazrin

      Expecting nothing is so vital. it is so easy getting caught up with numbers, views, stats we forget why we do this we forget how much we love to write & how much we love blogging! Soak it up and enjoy it all for what it is. Your space on the internet that you are leaving your imprint on!

    19. Oyinkan Ogunleye

      I think it’s very important to take advantage of opportunities as well as being gracious. Blogging simply b/c you love it will lead to greater opportunities in due time.

    20. Robert

      These are great tips. Some are easier to do than others, but that is always the case. I wish I could take more opportunities myself. Either way, thank you for sharing.

    21. Sarah Ricker

      I love these tips and totally agree! I wish there were more blogger opportunities where I am. Orlando has a lot but it’s a bit of a hike from me haha. I still try to make as many events as possible!

    22. Dia All The Things I Do

      Great post Neely ! I think guarding yourself is so important. I sometimes share personal stuff but for me guard yourself is really about guard your heart. Don’t give people permission to make you feel bad when you are coming from a place of your own truth online. I have to remember don’t feed or listen to the trolls.

    23. Sheila Jo

      Congrats on 9 years of blogging! I’ve learned to write down blog ideas immediately when they hit you instead of waiting for a “convenient” time.

    24. Brooke

      Expect nothing is huge! The instant blogging success stories are so unrealistic. It takes so much work and consistency to start seeing results.

    25. Sara

      These are some very real and important lessons.. especially about guarding yourself and the people around you. It’s easy to be naive and believe that posting pictures online isn’t that big, but when you’ve got such a massive audience it’s so important to stay safe.


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