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How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Fitness and Health · Travel · July 14, 2017

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One thing that is prevalent in the summer months is more travel. We have lots of summer trips happening, some bigger and some more local/road trips. One thing that is for certain is that even with travel I like to stay on my healthy living routine. I want to eat well, exercise daily, have my green smoothies, etc. So I am sharing my tips for how to stay healthy while traveling.

how to stay healthy while traveling

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Prepare Ahead Of Time: For me this means I try to know if I will have time to work out each day, if so when. Also, will we be staying somewhere where I can cook/grocery shop or will we be eating out for each meal? If we are eating out, what are the healthy options or how can I make things healthier? Yes this takes a lot more work but I feel a lot better going into a trip.

Take What You Can: When we go somewhere we can drive I always take my Pure Barre ball, band, and 3 lb weights so I can do Barre classes online (YAY for Pure Barre on demand!) This I can pretty much do anywhere. Even if we don’t drive I just use a small towel as a makeshift ball and still do the arm workouts without weights. No excuses to miss a workout! Plus there are a TON of no equipment workouts on Pinterest and walking/running involves nothing extra!

Research What’s Around You: I love to take workout classes when traveling so I always see what classes might be offered that I don’t have near me at home! Great time to try new things. If you are going somewhere where you can hike, paddle board, etc that maybe you can’t do in your city that’s a huge bonus.  As far as food, I always like to find out where a great salad place is, is there a smoothie place, a juice bar, and Whole Foods? Where is the nearest grocery store to get some basics and healthy snacks? Knowing these things will free your mind!

Make The Time: Listen, I know when traveling you just want to relax, eat all the foods, and do nothing. But if you make the time to get a workout in and make the time to eat healthier you won’t come back from vacation full of regret. Been there!

Don’t Go Crazy: I will admit I love to try local foods and splurge a little on a vacation. I mean that’s what they are for right? But don’t go crazy. Maybe don’t have a decadent brunch every single day or all that mac and cheese for dinner every night. Save it for once or twice.

But Have Fun: But it’s still vacation so have fun!

What do you do to stay healthy while traveling?

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  • 33 thoughts on “How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

    1. Lynda H

      The last place I stayed this week was in a hostel with a Yoga Studio. They also had bikes to rent. And it was right by the beach with some really pleasant tourist walks. It ensured I stayed fresh and healthy even solo travelling with little ones. 🙂

    2. Mar

      Staying healthy while travelling is one of my biggest challenges. I want all the food and drinks! Consuming way too much food and not getting enough sleep top my list. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

    3. Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

      Great tips! I try to walk as much as I can, even if it’s a beach vacation. I also love the 7 minute scientific workout. I’ll do that a few of the days to keep myself strong. I agree with your suggestion of not eating a decadent meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

    4. Chelsea

      Preparing ahead of time is KEY!!!!! When my fiance and I went on our roadtrips, we ate like CRAP. Buying everything from the gas station. Since then, I have lost weight and dramatically changed my diet. I cringe thinking of all the unhealthy crap we bought on -the -go.

    5. Trish

      Great, timely info with summer vacations! My best tip is to sightsee on foot. I love to take walking tours on vacation, so get extra exercise doing that.

    6. Adriana Renee

      Making time is something I implemented! Sometimes my family just wants to be “go, go, go” but resting is so beneficial and we can just re-energize for the rest of the activities.

    7. Melissa

      I love these tips!! I travel really often and I do some of the same things. Finding a local smoothie spot is my favorite, and for workouts, most of the time running outside allows me to explore a little while getting a workout in! I definitely feel better when I get home if I’m good on vacation!

    8. Heather Johnson

      Eating healthy while on vacation is definitely a struggle at times. I usually go get more exercise because my kiddos and I do a lot of physical activities like walking around museums and hiking.

    9. steph parrell

      I am the worst when traveling. I find that I walk a lot while traveling which is a big help but I eat and drink a lot which makes it hard when I get back home. I am saving this for my next adventure or sure!

    10. Katy

      These are awesome tips! I haven’t traveled in quite a while, but I tend to not be healthy, and definitely should be better about it

    11. Amy

      I am TERRIBLE with staying on my workouts when I’m traveling! I even have a Physique 57 online subscription, but I’m still slacking. And I always seem to get sick. Thanks for the tips!

    12. Janet Fazio

      I try to walk as much as possible when traveling. I also bring travel size disinfectant wipes for everyone in the family. If one gets sick, it goes downhill fast!

    13. Ro

      I LOVE this! I personally always use vacations as an opportunity to cheat on my regular diet, but then I always feel guilty after for doing so! I love these tips as a way to be able to eat healthy even when I’m traveling or on vacay. I’ll have to remember these for our anniversary trip! Thank you!

    14. Kristin Cook

      Haha, at this very moment, I do absolutely nothing to stay healthy on vacation. lol.
      I think for me, I’m not necessarily going to work out, but I do need to learn not to go crazy 😉

    15. [email protected]

      These are all great tips! Lately I have been trying to stay at a hotel that has a gym or some type of classes. It really helps me at least with working out while traveling. Which in the long run is definitely important.

    16. Melanie Payne

      Great tips! I think when people travel they tend to really forget to keep healthy, they just kinda let things go and regret it later. AS long as you make it a daily focus you;’ll be all set

    17. Southern & Style

      Great tips! When we travel, we try to go to places that are very walkable & we try to walk absolutely as much as we can. Because of that, I usually don’t work out on trips-but use our all-day outings as my “workout”.

      xoxo, SS

      The Southern Stylista

    18. Tiara Wilson

      These are some incredible tips. I feel like I would go eat so much junk food that I would be gaining weight! <3

    19. Annemarie LeBlanc

      You sure are dedicated to staying fit even when on vacation. That is impressive. I take my vacations seriously – I sample local cuisine, I give myself the sleep I have been deprived of for so long, I just laze around and enjoy the stress free time I have. 🙂

    20. Joy

      Great tips – we all hate that after-vacation-bloat! It’s a matter of moderation to some extent and staying active. I love your idea of seeking out classes maybe you don’t have at home – so fun!
      We’re headed to Iceland, France, and Italy this fall and will be doing lots of walking, but… I’m okay with some major bloat after a trip like that! Haha! 😉


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