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5 Tips For Busy Mornings

Baby/Parenting · Mom Stuff · Sponsored Post · August 16, 2018

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One of my biggest worries starting school next week for Liam is our mornings. Usually we are super relaxed and never in a rush. Well now we have to leave the house by 7:45 and for a kid who wakes up at 7 that may present a challenge. Liam really likes to slowly start his mornings with books, looking out the window, and saying good morning to all the things. Then he likes to take his sweet time with breakfast. So since he will be in school a few days a week we clearly need some tips for busy mornings. I am here to share the ones I plan to utilize. I know many of you have kids starting school this week so I hope these help!

5 Tips For Busy Mornings

Get their things ready the night before (and yours): At night I lay Liam’s outfit, shoes, and socks out so our morning is quick. That way we can still enjoy a book because I don’t have to spend the time trying to figure out what to dress him in. I also lay out my own clothes and get all my coffee stuff ready to make before he wakes up!

Pack lunches in advance: Before he is up in the morning I go ahead and pack his lunch so that I am not scrambling to throw something together last minute! I can also make sure I take the time to make sure it’s foods he likes and things that are healthy!

Opt for quicker breakfast options:  As much as I wish every morning was a gourmet breakfast it’s just not the case. Usually I make 2 weeks worth of egg muffins which are a great option, but for something extra to get through those school mornings we also love the NEW NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® Super Breakfast. Great way to wake up to a better breakfast. The NEW NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® Super Breakfast, packed with 12 grams of protein and calcium, it’s a great way help your child start the school day right. Super Breakfast is made with real milk and has delicious taste of Nesquik® that kids love. It also feels like such a fun treat for Liam. Something we LOVE sharing together. Make their breakfast complete with Nesquik® Super Breakfast. He also loves to have fruit on the side! Blueberries and strawberries are current favorites. Always some of mom’s oatmeal as well!  Nesquik® believes that an optimistic attitude and the right nutrition can help you be better and shine brighter! Nesquik® includes ingredients that are both nutritious and tasty, where you are a toddler, teen or grown-up It’s a great source of protein the chocolate milk includes protein from real milk to keep you going strong all day long. It’s also loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. We found ours at Walmart!

Make it fun and not stressful: I feel like kids really feed off our energy. If I am stressed Liam gets fussy. If I am happy he is happy. So I try to make it fun by singing songs to wake up, get dressed, etc. Usually it’s nonsense I make up in the moment but he loves it.

Put on music to get them going: While he is eating breakfast I always put music on our Echo and his personal favorites are Tay Tay (Taylor Swift) or Roar (Katy Perry). It’s a great way to have him happy while eating his breakfast and for sure reduces toddler battles.

I hope for all you moms who are about to get into the crazy of busy mornings or just people in general who are super busy every morning these tips for busy mornings can help!

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  • 13 thoughts on “5 Tips For Busy Mornings

    1. Catherine Sargent

      These are really great tips. I need to opt for a quicker breakfast option, I am bad about skipping breakfast to save time. I will have to pick up some Nesquik Super Breakfast.

    2. Marcie W.

      Weekday mornings tend to be very hectic around here! Keeping some Nesquik Super Breakfast on hand for those days when we are especially pressed for time seems like a wonderful idea.

    3. angie

      I just saw those drinks today and while I did not purchase them I think I will directly before school starts on Monday. If I purchase to early they will be gone before we need them
      thanks for sharing all your great ideas

    4. Tami

      My son has a slow start, too. He wants to lounge a little too long when I am trying to get us both out the door. I will see if music helps any.

    5. Sami Summers

      I have never been a successful morning person, if days could wait to start until after 9 that would be great. I like the idea of premade breakfasts, something easy and quick has to be a life saver.

    6. brianne

      Our mornings are so crazy as well, and I know they will be even crazier once the fall comes along. I need to check out this drink for my kiddies!

    7. Marielle Altenor

      Love these tips! Especially opting for a quicker breakfast option instead of skipping it entirely! I need to get some NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® Super Breakfast for when my son starts school.

    8. Annemarie LeBlanc

      That looks like a really yummy and nutritious drink. I think I will get some of these Nesquick and keep it in stock for those times that the grandchildren stays overnight. Thanks for the tips to get through a crazy, busy morning.


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