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9 Biggest Travel Essentials

Travel · August 15, 2018

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We love to travel, and this year I have been doing quite a bit of it. A lot has been work related one way or another for Andrew or myself. In fact right now I am in Ohio for work! But with the traveling I have learned to pair down what I do and don’t need and what are my biggest travel essentials. So I am sharing them with you today!

9 Biggest Travel Essentials

When I have Liam I carry a backpack because I need my hands free, but when it’s Andrew and I or just me I use this bag. There is a crossbody that’s great as well as a tote. These bags and this brand are some of my favorites and they are very well priced!

Earlier this year I got this cord organizer case because I was tired of all my cords getting tangled and having a hard time finding them. I also use this for all my chargers when I travel.

I can’t go anywhere without my iPad mini. I love the size and it does everything I need for travel. I read on it, watch movies, even write blog posts.

If you do not have an external charger you need one. I have this one from Anker and it holds four full charges.

I also LOVE my AirPods. I got them for my birthday this year and I really didn’t understand the hype until I had them. I love not fussing cords and being able to charge my phone/iPad while I use them easily.

As far as beauty goes, I have four beauty products I can’t travel without. My go to dry shampoo, the best face mask for travel that you DO NOT have to rinse off, my favorite roll on perfume perfect for flights, and the makeup remover cloth. It’s beyond gentle on the skin. I even have a smaller travel sized one. It’s machine washable too!

What are some of your biggest travel essentials?

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  • 13 thoughts on “9 Biggest Travel Essentials

    1. Kristin

      Ack! I don’t have any of those! I do like the idea of dry shampoo, but I’ve never used it. I’ll look into this one!

      My travel essentials include my medications, my wristlet bag with ID, cash, bandaids, and cards, and a good book. 😎

    2. Luda

      I agree with the external battery pack, they’re a MUST for traveling – especially if you’re going to be out and about all day!

    3. Ally

      Great tips! My mom actually got all of us portable batteries a few years ago for Christmas and they’ve been the best gift ever. We use them all the time whether we are traveling or not 😉

    4. Marcie W.

      Excellent recommendations! I travel quite frequently and always take along ear plugs in case the plane or hotel get too loud. You can never be too prepared.

    5. Sasha

      Some great ideas on travel tips. I never seem to pack the right thing! I’m always scrambling around when I get there to find what I need LOL

    6. Love You Wedding

      We almost have the same travel essentials! The only thing I did not see in your list is a medical kit. My husband and my son suffer from allergies and I have to be prepared in the event of an attack. I also include emergency medication for head ache, motion sickness, tummy ache, fever, and diarrhea.


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