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6 Daily Organizational Tips To Keep Your Life in Order

Organization · September 5, 2017

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When people jokingly refer to me as Monica I do not get insulted. FYI, that’s Monica from Friends because I love things clean and organized. People often ask me what I use to stay organized so I thought I would share my 6 daily organizational tips with you guys!

daily organizational tips

6 Daily Organizational Tips To Keep Your Life in Order

Use a Planner: Paper planners are everyone’s favorite things to buy right? I can’t be the only one who gets a little excited when new ones are released. My favorites are the Day Designer and I also like the Target version as well, which is a little more price friendly. The Simplified Planner is pretty great too!

Get Comfy With Google: We LOVE LOVE LOVE Google calendars and Google Keep. These are great places to keep track of family stuff or appointments more than one person needs to know about. Or if you are anti-paper planner, Google Calendar is a great tool. Google Keep is where we do grocery lists, packing lists, etc because more than one person can contribute.

Find A To Do List That Works: Google Keep is great, but I also use an app called To Do List. Yep simple. This is where I put my daily to do list because it’s SIMPLE. I don’t like apps that are complicated.

Plan Plan Plan: The more you plan the more organized you are. I thrive on plans. I tend to really dislike an unorganized day, week, or month. Having a monthly overview and a daily plan is my happy.

Designate Days: For everything around the house. I do laundry on set days, we mop on set days, etc. This really helps to not be overwhelmed. Trying to do everything on one day is just not possible. Sure there are certain things we do every day. Liam’s laundry, dishes, bottle cleaning, wiping down counters, making beds.

Clean It Up: I can’t go to sleep with the house messy. So throw blankets get folded, counters cleaned, toys put away, laundry folded. It really really makes me feel more at peace when the house is cleaned up and tidy.

What are some daily organization tips you have?

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  • 23 thoughts on “6 Daily Organizational Tips To Keep Your Life in Order

    1. Laina Turner

      I am with you on the necessity of planners. I use 1 religiously. My goal recently is trying to get back on track with planning cleaning for the house. As my kids get older and I delegate it gets harder:)

    2. Courtney Kramer

      Keeping a daily routine is so helpful! I feel so much more relaxed when I know I’ve done the dishes, swept and cleaned the bathroom. Even if you just take 5 minutes to pick up your room it makes a huge difference.

    3. Joline

      LOL too funny. I get teased that I’m Monica a lot too. And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who loves their calendars! And to-do lists. I love checking out things off of them. And seriously, I also cannot go to sleep knowing the house is messy either (remember that episode with the sneakers?!)

    4. christine

      I literally just today saw that Day Planner at Target and thumbed through it and was like ” I NEED this in my life”. I’m totally overwhelmed with all the kids schedules and can’t wait to get this planner working for me.

    5. Jennifer

      I have the old-fashioned kind of calendar that’s on paper (you know the kind that drugstores and funeral homes give away?) One thing I have to keep track of is the dates that I need to change the water in my fish tank – I have a big one, a little one and a Betta so I need to keep track of when each of them need water changes.

    6. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I love Google Calendar. My kids are grown so it is easier to keep track and communicate schedules, appointments and what nots. We love this, because we can access it anytime anywhere and we get an alert on our phone when updates have been made to the calendar.

    7. Julia

      I’m no Monica (who is the opposite of Monica? that is me.), but we can be friends because it absolutely does start with coffee, every damn day. Ironically, I *should* love to-do lists and organizing, ’cause I’m a dietitian and that is typically our jam. But the organizing side of me is beat out by the laid-back, just-be-happy side of me just about every time. It’s probably the reason I’m a virtually unknown 5-year blogger instead of a wildly successful one.. Haha!

    8. Jessie Jones

      Love this! I’ve really been intentional with my calendar and planning lately, and I’ve had more time to keep up with things around the house because of it!


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