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September Goals

Inspire · Life · September 1, 2017

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September! Wow! You guys this summer flew by! Here we are at Labor Day Weekend. Hard to believe. Well before we all go enjoy the long weekend I am going to share my September Goals as well as a look back at how August went! Happy weekend friends!

september goals

In August I wanted to…

  • Read 4 books: eh I read 2. It was a busy month!
  • Explore places in Chicago I have never been: yes we went to the Aquarium with Liam, saw Hamilton, and saw some other areas we hadn’t been to.
  • Plan a trip to Houston: We are going in a few weeks hopefully! Andrew’s family is all there so we are glad to be able to go see them.
  • Focus on Pinterest growth (really close to 20K): Yep still focused on it but not as much as I wished.
  • Keep up with the W’s: I did keep up with it great and worked out every single day of our trip! BUT I did have a few cheat meals and you know what it’s OK. I did not gain any weight so remember it’s all about balance.
  • Put away toys that Liam has outgrown and get out some of his 6-12 month toys: I did this! I put away some of his more babyish toys and took out a little bit of the more complicated ones.
  • Write blog posts through September: Almost done!
  • Spend some time with my parents more than we have this summer: I have gotten to see my mom a lot but my dad has been super busy at work so never as much as I wish I could see him.
  • Have 2 dates with Andrew: Yep we went and saw a movie (Baby Driver) and saw Hamilton together in Chicago!

In September I want to…

  • Read 4 books
  • Have 2 more dates with Andrew
  • Decorate for Fall
  • Go through my shoes and donate ones I don’t wear
  • Re-fold items in our linen closet (driving me nuts)
  • Keep up with working out and try to wean myself off tracking food but still eating well (close to my goal weight so I really want to try to not obsess over it)
  • Try a new workout class at the gym
  • Work on posting more to Instagram
  • Write blog posts for October
  • Take Liam somewhere new in the city

What are some of your September Goals?

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  • 38 thoughts on “September Goals

    1. ShootingStarsMag

      Great job on your August goals! It looks like you really accomplished most of them. For September, I really need to get more active again. I’m hoping to join a couple dance classes and I need to up my water intake, but being active should help with that. 🙂

    2. Katie

      I’m hoping to get several blog posts written for September this next week as I’ll have a few free days off this weekend and then some plane time while I travel to/from Salt Lake City next week. I’m so impressed with how much you’re able to get ahead with your blogging, that’s always been a goal of mine but it can definitely be so hard for me to manage!

    3. Kiley D. Smith

      This post got me really thinking…what are my goals for September? My birthday is tomorrow but other than that I really don’t know. I would like to get back to the gym, start eating healthier and organize my bedroom!

    4. Marie

      I love doing goal posts like this & reading others. I know I didn’t fulfill all my August goals, but looking forward to September & a change of pace.

    5. Mistle

      Great job on your goals last month!! How did Andrews family do with the hurricane? I am so happy it’s done and gone though we have a long way to go here in Houston. Thankfully we had no damage to our home. I seriously need to get my hurt back to reading again. Things have just been crazy busy. Good luck with your goals this month!

    6. Kristin

      Wow, you did really well on your August goals! I love the idea of writing blog posts ahead of time. Maybe I should add that to my own goal list. Cheers to a great September, Neely!

    7. Heather

      My husband’s birthday is next week, and I’ve done nothing to prepare. My first goal is to get it planned! After that I really need to get Halloween costumes started.

    8. Southern & Style

      Ah! I’m so jealous that you saw Hamilton! Everyone that I know who has seen it says it’s incredible and as a history buff, I feel like I really, really need to see it-haha!

      xoox, SS

      Southern and Style

    9. Christine C

      Great job on working toward those goals and planning ahead for September! My main goal, starting tomorrow, is working on writing from 2-5 daily and reading more books… I like your goal of 4! Might have to borrow it 😉


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