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7 Ways To Get Over That Mid Day (Or Week) Hump

Inspire · Life · Sponsored Post · September 7, 2017

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Do you ever feel like it should be 5 PM when it’s 11 AM? If you are anything like me you get up super early, and the days or week can drag on! Today I am sharing 7 ways to get over that mid day (or week) hump!

7 Ways To Get Over That Mid Day(Or Week) Hump

Go for a walk: Sometimes you just NEED some fresh air. I find that a great way to get through that mid day or week hump is by taking a walk and getting out of your same surroundings! Give it a try!

Take a LONG shower: Working from home does have some benefits. One being that sometimes I just need a long mid day shower. I have a baby who (knock on wood) takes awesome naps so I can usually do that! If you don’t work from home sometimes taking a long shower after work is just the thing to reset you for the next day. I always used to call this the bonus shower. It’s the one where you can really pamper yourself. A great way to do that is with a fabulous body wash! I LOVE Suave body wash. My favorite is the Almond Verbena and the Cocoa Butter and Shea. They leave my skin feeling silky smooth and really make me feel like I’ve been to a spa. Who doesn’t want to feel like that!?

Not sure which scent to try? Take THIS QUIZ and it will tell you one you should try! Mine was SPOT on! It absolutely told me to try the Almond Verbena and I had to pick the Cocoa Butter and Shea one up too! Decisions. Although it was hard to not buy all of them because they all smell HEAVENLY! In case you’re wondering I found mine at Target and they had so many different scents!

Give yourself 10: Give yourself 10 minutes to peruse Instagram, get inspired on Pinterest, read a chapter in a book, or just meditate. It can make all the difference.

Pump up the jams: One of the best ways to power through a day is by jamming out! Put on your headphones and turn up the Spotify or Pandora and enjoy!

Have some of the good stuff: If you are feeling lethargic maybe you need some veggies or fruits! I suggest a smoothie to get you through the day! Check my recipe out here.

Stretch it out: Go on YouTube or Pinterest and find some yoga stretches. They do wonders for your body and mind!

Read something interesting: Maybe like me you have 400 articles saved you want to read but you just never find the time. Go through them and see if anything piques your interest. Learning something new is always great.

I hope you can utilize at least one of these ways to get over that mid day (or week) hump! Let me know what you would add below!



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  • 26 thoughts on “7 Ways To Get Over That Mid Day (Or Week) Hump

    1. robin rue

      I go for a lot of walks when I feel like I am stuck in a slump. It really helps me to take a few minutes for myself and recharge my batteries.

    2. Jaime

      I totally needed this as I sit here at my desk wondering if it’s 5:00 yet – on Friday. (Sadly I have another day and a half.) Trying out a few of these tips now! About to go for a short walk, and listening to music.

    3. Anita

      Needed to read this. I’m one of those people when its Monday, I’m already looking for Friday. Good points. Something to think about.

    4. Brandy

      Nothing makes me feel better than to make time to climb in the jacuzzi tub that’s upstairs. Nothing else matters, everything disappears and I feel relaxed. I will have to try some suave products to make it even more smelly in a good way 😉

    5. Megan

      I love stopping and doing some yoga, it always make me feel 100x better. And I totally have a playlist designated for that afternoon slump pick-me-up.

    6. Vanessa

      Yes! I agree that sometimes you really just need to go outside and breathe in some fresh air (although I live in the city so I don’t know how fresh it is…) As an office worker this is the best method for me to just clear my mind.

      Thanks for sharing!


    7. Stephanie

      I definitely take these tips to heart. I love taking a good, long shower, whenever I get the chance. It’s a great way to just space out for a bit and enjoy just relaxing and pampering myself. But it’s a rarity when I have the time to do that haha! I also love adding music into my day whenever I can. My Google Home is my best friend haha!

    8. Jaz

      I couldn’t help but nod along as I read this post, I couldn’t have gotten through this week without my Spotify playlists and a few Youtube yoga sessions.


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