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How To Avoid Blogger Burnout

Blogging · September 27, 2016

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Being a blogger is amazing. It seriously is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of my life. But you know what comes with that? Blogger burnout. What do I mean by blogger burnout? I mean when you are out of post ideas, you are sick of social media, you feel uninspired, and you generally feel like quitting. Let’s discuss how to avoid blogger burnout.

how to avoid blogger burnout

How To Avoid Blogger Burnout

Keep a running list: A big part of feeling burnt out as a blogger is not knowing what to blog about. I recently wrote a post about how to create and maintain an editorial calendar and why it helps me. Because of this editorial calendar I am able to keep a running list of post ideas for months and months at a time. Since doing this, I have never felt stressed to come up with topics and I feel I am able to spread ideas out very well. Thus avoiding blogger burnout.

Take a break: If you feel burnt out with ANYTHING you should take a break. I feel this way about workouts too. If you hate working out then take off for a few days. But with blogging if you feel like you need a break then take one. You want to put out quality posts, so if you are posting just for the sake of posting then don’t do it. Which brings me to…

Don’t set yourself up to fail: I try to post 5 days a week, but remember this is my full time job. I also don’t beat myself up if I have a week where I post 3 or 4 times. It happens. Do not set yourself up to fail! I tell bloggers all the time during consulting sessions that as long as you are consistent it doesn’t matter how many times a week you post. If you want to post 2 great posts a week that’s better than 5 mediocre posts. Same with social media. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Don’t try to go 100% to all forms of social at one time.

Don’t compare: I think especially in blog world comparison is part of the territory. I would be flat out lying if I said there weren’t times I compared myself to other bloggers. “Why did she get that campaign and I didn’t?” “Why do her posts that look just like my posts get twice as many likes?” I could go on and on but we have to stop comparing. My favorite quote is “comparison is the thief of joy!” My other favorite is “don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” Both of these are so true! Comparing yourself is not going to make you better, stronger, or more motivated. It’s going to upset you and ruin your day. Instead of comparing, say “wow good for her because any time one of us is successful it makes all of us look good!” Anytime a blogger does well and gets a big campaign it’s a step in the right direction for us all. Remember that! Her joy is not taking away from you.

It isn’t hard to avoid blogger burnout, but it’s very common to feel burnt out. I avoid blogger burnout by practicing the tips above and by realizing that I love what I do.

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  • 45 thoughts on “How To Avoid Blogger Burnout

    1. Stacia

      Amen to not comparing! That quote about not comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle is so good every time I hear it. We’re all guilty of it, but we’re all happier when we choose to pursue our path and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

    2. zim

      I’ve recently started making blog topics lists. I can see how this could relieve stress. I’ll do this exercise every-time an idea pops in my head.

    3. Michelle

      I don’t stress myself with my blog as I used when I started blogging. I used to compare myself so much but that also had to stop. I don’t feel the pressure to post every now and then and that has also been a good reason why I don’t get burn outs so often. Though, I will not lie to you that, blogging it’s all easy. It’s a hard work.


    4. Merisa Ferrell

      Blogger burnout is a serious struggle! I just recently started keeping a running list of post ideas on my phone (instead of in a notebook I never look at again) and took a break from Instagram for a bit. It’s amazing how much those two things have helped! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

    5. Mistle

      When I first started blogging I always compared myself to other bloggers. I was so jealous that they were getting all these comments,etc. I realized that was only hurting my blog. So I learned from the other bloggers and became friends with them. Each blogger has a different journey they are on. Keeping a on going list of ideas is key! I will admit that sometimes just getting a post together can be a bit of a burn out. Blogging is not easy! Great tips!

    6. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

      It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing but doing that takes all the fun out of blogging. Instead of looking at another blogger and wondering why they have more likes or comments that I do, I try to figure out what I can learn from them to get to where they are.

    7. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

      Great tips! Knowing when to step aside and take a break, or RE-FOCUS when feeling burnt out is huge. I post 5 days a week, work a full-time job, AND write 7 days/week for the journal prompt site I run, it’s a LOT so knowing that sometimes it’s OK to just relax or take a few hours for myself, is definitely a MUST for me.

    8. kara

      When I first started blogging I had a hard time with comparing but then I took a class that said how everyone is so different and no one will ever do things the way YOU do things. I realized they were so right so now I just admire and support my favorites. Any negative energy is out the door!

    9. Alicia Taylor

      Yep – I’ve had to take breaks, too – from both working out and blogging. Lately, everything seems overwhelming. I think it’s all the holiday planning I’m doing now on top of it.

    10. Jackie

      Blogging burnout is rough and unfortunately comes and goes! These tips are really helpful though. I can’t find my notebook I keep with ideas…blaming pregnancy brain! ?

    11. Keating

      Blogger burnout is a real thing and it’s SO horrible lol I experienced it over the summer so bad that I didn’t even blog much at all. I literally took the entire summer off. But part of that was because there were a lot of changes happening in my life as well. It took me a while to get back on track and inspired again. Keeping a small notebook in my bag full of new blog post ideas helps a lot. Whenever I have a new idea, I jot it down so I can go back to it later. And like you mentioned, I also had to learn how to not set myself up for failure. Sometimes I set the bar WAY too high for myself which then leads to me feeling completely miserable if I have a week where I don’t meet my own standards. It’s all a work in progress, but I think an important part of it all is balance!

      xo, Keating | Mimosas and Manicures

    12. Lori

      I’ve only been blogging for a year, but I’ve already faced the dreaded blogger burn out! I totally agree that taking a break can help. Also, I try to stay realistic about my goals for posting each week. As a stay at home mom with a part time job, I usually aim for two posts per week. Thanks for sharing!

    13. Ivanna

      These are all very good tips. Comparison and blogging are big, sometimes it is hard not to do it. I try hard not to look at what other people are doing. Thanks for the tips!

    14. Lauren @ Glitter & Grandeur

      Great tips! I have been struggling a LOT with balancing school, work, and Glitter & Grandeur (my blog). Burnout has been a big part of it. I am so busy that I never seem to know what to write about. I went from posting once a week to twice a month! It’s bad! I am definitely going to check out your other post about planning and get on that. If I really focus and make a plan, this should be easier. I love my blog and I don’t want the burnout to continue. Thanks for the inspiration!

    15. lesley sullivan

      I love your blog, and find all your tips useful. The most challenging part is comparing. I try so hard not to do it, but its so defeating sometimes. I just need to remember why I started in the first place 🙂

    16. Rosemary

      These are great tips and well worth re-reading. The biggest one for me is “not to compare.” Need to keep focused and move forward at my own pace. It’s true taking a break and a digital detox is also important. Thanks for sharing these!!

    17. Laura

      Finding a blogging schedule that worked for me while juggling my fulltime job was a big part of overcoming my blogger burnout. As was keeping a running list of post ideas… because sometimes inspiration just FAILS and you need to pull something off the list!

      Taking a break – been there and so happy I did it. I took a 6 week break last year (crazy!) and am so happy I did, I came out the other side a very different blogger with a better attitude than I had going into my break

      Great post Neely!
      Laura @

    18. Patty

      Burnout is not the issue for me but writers block is. Some weeks I have such an easy time writing about my “theme of the week” and sometimes I can’t think of a thing to say.

      I definitely need to revisit a few topics and rewrite posts or update them now that i see how bad they were.

    19. Elizabeth O

      Devoting even a little bit of our earnings to hiring a VA is also a great way to get some of that work off our shoulders. Blogging is hard work and a helpful assistant makes a huge difference.

    20. Nicole Escat

      Blogging is not always easy and we should have time to do it regularly. Organizing schedule is the key to avoid burn out.

    21. Lacey

      I definitely just had to take a break. I rebranded and it took a lot of wind out of my sails.
      Now I am excited, refreshed and ready to work with my new look and new brand!
      That definitely helped my burnout.


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