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Back To School Essentials For Preschool

Baby/Parenting · September 17, 2020

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Liam JUST started his 3rd year of preschool last week. We made the choice to do in-person school based on his age and his personality and I am so glad we did. He is so thrilled to be back with friends. Plus, his school is taking amazing precautions. I did want to share some back to school essentials for preschool that I think are wonderful to have! Now that we have done this for 3 years I feel like I know some good things to get.

Back To School Essentials For Preschool

While Liam uses a bag provided by his school with his school name on it, he did use this Pottery Barn Kids backpack for camp. We also use it for travel. It would be perfect for preschool! it’s a great bag. We choose to not get things monogrammed like this for his safety and we use sticker labels instead.

Our favorite lunchbox is Wildkin. They are super price friendly and fit a bento lunch box perfectly along with an ice pack.

In his lunchbox, we use a Bentgo brand bento box. I have had these since his first year so they have been used A TON! I have 2 that I alternate between. They hold plenty of food for his lunch and the quality is amazing.

We use this Yeti tumbler as well as Contigo water bottles for his water.

For labels, I use two brands. Name Bubbles and Inchbug. Inchbug has the orbit labels which go around water bottles and are AWESOME. We use Name Bubbles for the kid’s labels for clothing, shoes, etc. The packs come with clothing, shoe, and everyday name labels. They do not come off easily at all, even with washing.

Our favorite shoes for school are these New Balance. He has had a pair in every size since he started school. They are amazing and I love that they don’t show dirty super well. Plus they fit his feet great.

For his Nap Mat, I splurged on a pricier mat from Precious and Prosperous. I am so glad I did. This thing has been used for 2 full school years and 2 summers and is still in perfect condition! Again, well worth the price. Can’t recommend this shop enough!

If you have a child in preschool do you have anything to add to this list?

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  • 14 thoughts on “Back To School Essentials For Preschool

    1. Stephanie

      My boys started school on campus a few weeks ago, too, and they so need that interaction with their teachers and friends. They get the school lunch now, but when I was packing preschool lunches I also used bento-style boxes. They are perfect for separating out all the foods and make it so easy to give them a variety. We also use Contigo water cups for both boys that they take to school every day.

    2. Stephanie

      You sound totally set for back-to-school season! It sounds like a great round-up of items here for Liam. I don’t have any kiddos, but I’ll be passing along this list of essentials to any of my mom friends.

    3. Natalie

      Great list. These are truly essentials. Thanks for sharing this. I will check that water bottle out. I’m looking to get one for my son.

    4. Beth Berger

      I love the lunchbox and the adorable llama labels! (Or are they alpacas?…either way they’re cute lol) I hope this is a wonderful back-to-school season for you and little Liam. 🙂


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