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Best iPhone and iPad Hacks For Travel

Sponsored Post · Travel · August 5, 2016

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I am not the most techy person. Thankfully I married someone who is. One thing in our house is I am an Apple person and Andrew is an Android person. It’s really a house divided. He jokes all the time that our little boy will never own Apple products. Sure… Sure Andrew. Being that I am not very techy, I wanted to share my best iPhone and iPad hacks for travel with you guys so that if you, like me, are not techy these will help you!


Best iPhone and iPad Hacks

Avoid Data Overages

When traveling, I tend to take a lot of pictures. I always backup my pictures in case I ever lose my phone. I use Apple’s iCloud to backup all my data. However, when I take tons of pictures, I am uploading tons of data. This makes it easier to stay under my data cap and helps me avoid international roaming fees.  To get around this, I use the SanDisk iXpand™ Flash Drive to backup my photos when traveling. Each evening I plug this device in and copy all my photos to the SanDisk iXpand™ Flash Drive. This way I don’t need to upload tons of data to the cloud while traveling yet still have backups of all my pictures and data. Then when back home or on WiFi I upload my photos to the cloud.


Don’t Drain Your Battery

Another issue of uploading tons of pictures or streaming music is it really drains your battery quickly. By using the SanDisk iXpand™ Flash Drive I can not only backup my photos, but I can listen to my entire music library wherever I am. My iPhone can’t hold all my music along with everything else I have stored on it, so this extra space added by the flash drive allows me to have all my music with me. By not having to transmit so much data, it really helps your battery life. Plus, if you’re in the plane you usually can’t stream music very well.


Portable Chargers

There are TONS of great portable chargers on the market. Seriously go to Amazon and search portable iPhone chargers. My only suggestion is look at reviews and ratings because some of them aren’t great. But these are a must have. Honestly I even keep one in my purse when I am not traveling. You never know when you might need it!

Media Hack

So you have a long flight coming up? Maybe you want to watch a movie? Catch up on last season of your favorite show? Or have the 10 new albums you’ve been dying to listen to? The SanDisk iXpand™ can hold all of these items. You could put 20 movies, several seasons of TV shows, and countless amounts of music without using any of your iPhone or iPad space. Plus, the SanDisk iXpand™ is so tiny that it will take up NO room in your carry on. Really you could put it in your purse with your iPad and call it a day!




From now until August 30th you can get $50 off a SanDIsk iXpand™ Flash Drive with this coupon!

I would love to know any iPhone or iPad hacks for travel you have!

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