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Best Shows To Binge On Maternity Leave

Life · Pregnancy · November 19, 2019

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Since I am about to embark on my second “maternity leave” I figured I would share the best shows to binge while on maternity leave. I am not taking an actual leave, but I do have about 3 months worth of posts scheduled. I will still be blogging some in real-time and posting in real-time on social media but this takes a lot of stress off my plate. Some of these are shows I watched after Liam was born and some are shows I have watched since. All are enjoyable!


Best Shows To Binge On Maternity Leave

Big Little Lies: This started literally the weekend I had Liam so every Monday morning I would watch while feeding him. So while I did not binge it last time I absolutely would if I could have.

Younger: This I discovered while he was an infant and sped through the first 3 seasons in about a week. It’s such a fun, cute show and if you haven’t watched it yet you should.

The Crown: Netflix win! I haven’t watched the most recent season which I think premiered last week but I plan to in the next month or so!

The Bold Type: Another great show that really focuses on women’s friendships.

Gilmore Girls: Always a great one to watch over and over again! One of my all-time favorites (not including the revival which was garbage).

Felicity: If I am ever asked a show I wish they would revive this would be a the top of my list. Such a perfect cozy show to binge!

Everwood: I could watch Everwood over and over again! This show is perfect for days on the couch with a new baby.

Veronica Mars: Again revival not included because I didn’t love it, the original run of the show is amazing!

This Is Us: If you haven’t started now is as good of a time as any! It’s one of the best shows on TV, the awards speak for themselves.

Parenthood: I am truly shocked when people tell me they haven’t seen it! But it’s very emotional so be prepared for those hormones to go nuts.

The West Wing: I had never watched The West Wing until I had Liam and then I watched it all. It’s so so so good!

Greys Anatomy: I mean you could probably spend 5 maternity leaves watching all the episodes! Just stick with it because I think it truly gets better!

What are some of the shows to binge on maternity leave you like?

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  • 13 thoughts on “Best Shows To Binge On Maternity Leave

    1. Wendy

      I haven’t been pregnant for a very long time, as my “baby” will be 18 soon. However, if I was on maternity leave, or just wanted a good binge watch, I would watch “A Million LIttle Things.” It’s only in it’s second season, but I think it (along with “This is Us” is one of the best dramas on television. I watch every episode numerous times, and never get sick of it.

    2. Stephanie

      I second Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, and This Is Us. Gilmore Girls was always on in my house growing up, and I binged it while on maternity with my second son. I binged Grey’s while I was working from home quite a few years ago. This Is Us I’ve watched from the beginning. Another one I binged on during my maternity leave with my first son was Supernatural. I’ve also binged the entire Arrow-verse from CW. But you have to find the running order to make sure you watch them in the correct order as there are a LOT of crossovers.

    3. Kavitha

      These are the fine collections. Most of them are new to me. When I was on the maternity leave I finished the Crown. Today I started watching the new season! I will try others too from the list.

    4. Maysz

      I’m not on maternity leave because I’m single as of the moment but I really love watch series so far I’m already watched Peaky Blinders and The end of fu***** world.

    5. Marjie Mare

      Actually, I think I would enjoy those shows even if I am not on maternity leave. Anytime, I have a few days off that’s all I do, binging great shows.

    6. Shar

      Thanks for your list! I’m not a mom myself & haven’t been on maternity leave. However, a colleague of mine needs to see your blog post for ideas!!


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