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Things To Do When You Feel Meh

Inspire · Life · July 9, 2020

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I know I can’t be the only one who sometimes describes how I am feeling as meh. There is a LOT going on in the world and even without that life can just be rough sometimes. Between being a wife, mom, running a business, other commitments, etc it can just be a lot. Not to mention trying to find time to take care of myself. There are a lot of things to do when you feel meh that can help you recharge and feel more like yourself.

Things To Do When You Feel Meh

Write it down: Any kind of journaling be in a blog or just in a document on your computer or even a paper journal is good. Writing down your feelings is a great way to work through them.

Do something YOU love doing: For me, this would be exercising, reading, having coffee alone, cleaning (I know I’m weird). Doing something that you love doing and enjoy doing is an instant mood lifter.

Treat yourself: Listen, I am not saying go buy something crazy expensive every time you’re in a meh mood but maybe treat yourself to watching a bad reality show, or your favorite movie, or spending an entire evening reading a great book. You could treat yourself to a drive-thru coffee, or go grab some ice cream at the grocery store.

Do something that makes YOU feel good: Maybe paint your nails, or go get your nails done. Do a face mask, or take a really long bubble bath. Go on a long walk with a friend. Call your mom and chat for a while or call your best friend and actually talk vs text. I think all of these things are things that would absolutely fill you up.

Organize/Clean: If you are anything like me organizing and cleaning lifts your mood. I feel more meh when things are cluttered and messy. So, spending some time organizing, decluttering, purging, folding laundry, doing the dishes, etc. Will 100% lift your mood. Maybe when you are all done treat yourself to some fresh flowers to brighten your space.

What is something you do when you feel meh?


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  • 8 thoughts on “Things To Do When You Feel Meh

    1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      You have good suggestions when you get to feeling like that. For me, I would either spend time with my potted plants or binge watch a TV series.

    2. Stephanie

      You aren’t weird, cleaning and organizing make me happy, too! My go-to would be either organizing something, reading, or working on our family scrapbooks.


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