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Best Summer Scents

Beauty · May 12, 2017

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Happy Friday friends! It’s getting warmer which means time to change up products. I have always had a love of perfumes. My mom used to collect vintage perfume bottles and I remember always playing with them (when I wasn’t supposed to). So I feel like that translated into me being a bit of a perfume hoarder. I want to share the best summer scents (in my opinion) with you guys in case you are in the market for something new.

Best Summer Scents

Whenever I order from Sephora or Nordstrom and I have the option to pick out samples, I always opt for perfume samples over makeup. I feel like it’s the best way to test out new scents and also they are GREAT for travel. I always travel with 3-4 samples. That’s how I discovered Replica’s scents. Beach Walk and Lazy Sunday are two of my favorites. I have them both in Rollerball form and they are perfect everyday scents.

Givenchy Hot Couture is a perfume I bought in 2009 (yes, I remember) and have worn since. It always reminds me of summer and great summer memories so it’s always one I look forward to spritzing on.

I was sent the Bobbi Brown, Beach fragrance in a press kit recently and I really love it. It’s a really clean scent that is perfect for summer. It’s also not too strong.

I got the Smell Bent St Tropez fragrance in a Popsugar must have box a few years ago. Andrew always says it reminds him of suntan lotion and it’s his favorite scent for me to wear. So I always try to wear it when we have summer date nights.

Daisy Dream always reminds me of playing with my moms perfume. Probably because the bottle is like a work of art. It also smells amazing. It’s perfect for those fancy nights out because the scent to me is a bit stronger. You really don’t need much which is great because it lasts for a long time.

I recently picked up this scent by Bvlgari to test out. The price was right and it smelled amazing in the store. This is still pretty new to me but so far I am loving it. It has a floral berry scent that I really love.

Scentbird sent me a sample of Something Blue by Oscar De La Renta about a year or so ago and I purchased it as soon as I ran out. It smells amazing and can be worn day or night. Highly highly recommend.

What are your best summer scents? I would love any recs for ones to try!

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  • 16 thoughts on “Best Summer Scents

    1. Trish

      So many lovely scents here! I would like to try Daisy Dream. I also remember playing with my mother’s perfume bottles as a little girl. That is a sweet memory.

    2. ryan

      Some nice last minute Mother’s Day ideas maybe. Thanks for the ideas! I wish I actually knew what smells my wife likes and doesnt ha

    3. Brandy

      What a great list of summer scents. I am so not into many scents, I am a creature of habit just ask my other half! Haha, however, I know others who love getting into the scents of the season, so to speak and will be sharing these ideas with them. I can’t wait to see which summer scent they like most!

    4. Elizabeth Ann

      These all sound amazing! I am going to have to try these out. Live In Color by Kate Spade is what I currently use. I love it! It is the first perfume I’ve had in about 10 years. Seriously! It was time! 🙂

    5. Scott

      Anything that doesn’t smell like the holidays or winter are what I would like to be smelling in the summer. Don’t need reminders of the cold weather!

    6. Tami

      My hubby is known for getting me a new perfume for my birthday and Christmas. I enjoy wearing the new scents, too. I see a few he hasn’t brought home to me!

    7. Rebecca Mott

      I love Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle year round. Bvlgari Rose Essentialle reminds me of my rose bushes in full bloom. I also love D&C Light Blue but don’t wear it because it is my daughter’s scent.


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