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How To Better Utilize Bloglovin

Blogging · April 11, 2016

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I have mentioned Bloglovin in several posts lately, and with that I have gotten a lot of questions about how to better utilize Bloglovin. So today I want to delve a little deeper into how I use Bloglovin and how you can use it to your advantage! Recently I partnered with a huge brand on a very large project. When I asked how they found my blog (something I always do!) I was told that they found me through Bloglovin. So I know I am doing something right!



Have A Follow On Bloglovin Link On Your Blog: If you look at my blog you will see at the top with my other social media links a little heart. If you click that it takes you directly to my Bloglovin profile where people can follow. No, it doesn’t need to be a HUGE widget on your sidebar or something that doesn’t go with your blog aesthetic. I have found since I relaunched my blog with that follow widget at the top in October my followers have grown tremendously. I personally do not love the look of large follow widgets on blog sidebars. Especially ones that take away from your blog design. While this is a personal preference remember that brands and other bloggers are constantly looking at your blog, so you want it to look good and make sense. I personally love when I can easily find someone’s link to Bloglovin on their blog, it’s the way I follow blogs I love, and if I can’t find it immediately I won’t go look for it. So also make sure when you add a Bloglovin follow widget to your blog you add it above the fold. Meaning you don’t have to scroll down to find it!

Have A Call To Action: You will see at the bottom of this post I say something like “If you liked this post be sure to save it on Bloglovin!” Why do I do that? Because the more people that save your posts, the more people can see them in their feed. I can’t tell you how many blog posts and blogs in general I have found because someone I follow saved their post. Time and time again these posts that people I follow have saved will pop up in my feed. Another great way to have a call to action is on giveaways. If you are hosting a giveaway you can have one of your entries be “save this post on Bloglovin” I started doing that a few months ago and I saw a TON more entries because more people were finding my post. I also usually have following me on Bloglovin as an entry which is a great way to snag a few more followers!

Use It For Yourself: What I mean by this is that you should use Bloglovin to follow and read blogs. It’s a great format and the app on the iPhone (can’t speak to Android) is fantastic! I also love saving posts that I either really find informative or I know I want to reference again later. You can have different categories for posts you save: Blogging, Beauty, Fashion, etc.

Doing these things I average about 150 new Bloglovin followers a week! So think in a year how many new Bloglovin followers you could have!

If you enjoyed this post, I would love if you saved/heart it on Bloglovin!

I hope you found this post helpful! If you enjoyed finding out how to better utilize Bloglovinย make sure to check out my other blog advice postsย andย my blogging courses!

Are you going to start better utilizing Bloglovin?

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  • 63 thoughts on “How To Better Utilize Bloglovin

    1. Anastasia

      I love Bloglovin’! Ever since Google Reader bit the dust, Bloglovin’ has been the way I read blogs. It’s such a great way to find a ton of really interesting blogs to read and I really like how it’s organized. The call to action idea you mention is really smart. I never thought about including a link like that in my posts. I added you on there, btw :]

    2. Kayla Nelson

      I’m going to have to start using Bloglovin more. I have the app downloaded (haven’t been able to sign in) and should make better use of it. Do you find it’s more effective than Facebook as far as post interaction goes?

    3. Christie

      I admit I haven’t used Bloglovin’ much, but now you’ve peaked my curiosity. I’m going to be more proactive at logging in to see what’s going on and what people are sharing. Thanks for the tips!

    4. Amy Saunders

      These are some great tips – I’ve never really used Bloglovin’ for my blog, just for reading other people’s but there’s no harm in growing my blog on there too! Thanks!

    5. Crystal Green

      I haven’t done much with BlogLovin, but since it’s been bought out I have been trying to figure out how to use it to my advantage more. Thank you for sharing your tips to help make that happen.

    6. Rachel @ Countdowns and Cupcakes

      I adore Bloglovin for following and reading my favorite blogs, but haven’t really had a whole lot of success gaining new followers through it. I will try adding the “save it on Bloglovin” sentence at the end of my posts to see if that helps!

    7. Heather Johnson

      I have a fairly large following on Bloglovin. I really ought to use the network more to interact. Right now I am all about StumbleUpon, which I could spend hours just browsing!

    8. Jasmine

      Bloglovin is my way of catching up with blogs I don’t get to see in facebook groups. I follow way too many people though I should do a spring cleaning.

    9. Wendy Tomlinson

      I’ve only just really started to use Bloglovin. It’s a great feeling when you find out where people are finding you. It’s always great to know you’re doing something right. Thanks for this post. Also, love your call to action point.

    10. Katie

      I use Bloglovin and while I have the app on my phone, I’m TERRIBLE about actually using it to READ. I should work on that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    11. Tiffany Griffin

      I’ve heard a lot of bloggers complaining about how if you’re not a fashion/beauty blogger, you can’t get very far with using Bloglovin. I’ve never been sure if Bloglovin is the right platform for me, but I’ve never given much effort into utilizing it either. I suppose there’s no harm in at least trying it out and seeing what happens. ๐Ÿ™‚

    12. Leslie Soto

      I love Bloglovin’ so these tips are super helpful! I spend so much time on there reading other’s blogs. That’s actually how I found out about it but I definitely need to do better at utilizing it more!

    13. Lydia G

      Great tips for using Bloglovin well! If you’re not a full time blogger, it can be difficult to keep up with all of social media, but I’ve definitely found that with any platform, me being active on it myself is what makes it successful. The more work you put in, the more of a relationship you make with followers and the more successful it will be! Thanks for sharing.

    14. Justin Y @ Little Dove

      Oh my gosh Neely, this came at the perfect time because just yesterday I claimed m y blog, or whatever it’s called, lol. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little confused by the whole thing. I do like that it’s a social media platform I don’t have to do a lot with… I think? Oh well, I’ll learn as I go and I’m pinning this so I can refer back because I can never retain all this social media information!

    15. Jenn

      Great tips. I’ve had a heck of a time trying to get Bloglovin to recognize my blog. I tried setting it up months ago emailed them and then kinda gave up. It is on my to do list and need to make it a priority. Thanks so much for sharing!

    16. Charlotte

      This is unbelievably helpful info–thanks so much for sharing this ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a really stupid question re: the bullet where you say “if you like this post please save it on Bloglovin”–can you find the link to your Bloglovin post BEFORE it’s published? Or is that something you go back in and add later? Or is there a widget that does this for you?

      So many questions ๐Ÿ™‚ That said, this is amazing. I really would love to grow my Bloglovin’ #s too, so appreciate this ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

    17. Laci

      Perfect post and reminder as always ! I haven’t been on bloglovin in sooo long I am about to change that right now ! Thanks !!!

    18. Brittany

      I love your suggestion about having a call to action! I never thought of asking readers to save it and organically boost views to the posts. Great idea! Thanks!

    19. Lauren

      These are really great tips! I have all my followers follow me primarily through Bloglovin’ so they get updates on all my posts! And I also use Bloglovin’ daily to read up on my favorite bloggers!

      Dressing Dallas

    20. Mimi Rose

      Interesting post! I have a Bloglovin’ account but haven’t used it as much as I probably should, great tips for where to start with this, thanks!

    21. Emily

      I love Bloglovin! It’s my favorite way to keep up with blogs. I never thought about using a call to action for Bloglovin in my posts.

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    23. Tiny T

      I love Bloglovin!! I have been able to follow so many awesome blogs that also gives me inspiration. I’m having a hard time getting followers myself, but I still love it.


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