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A Little Something Extra

Food · Sponsored Post · April 12, 2016

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I think some days we all need a little something extra. For you, that might be a long bubble bath with a glass of wine. Maybe it’s grabbing a cozy blanket, popping popcorn and watching HGTV for hours on end. For me, it tends to be an hour with a great yummy coffee drink and a book. Preferably on my front porch swing.


Recently, I was sent the new Chocolate Boutique collection from Coffee-mate and let me tell you nothing makes your coffee more exciting like new flavors to jazz it up! It got me thinking about how the little things, like flavoring your coffee and taking an hour to read a good book can really make all the difference. Having a little something extra in your day to look forward to can make a bad day into a good day really quickly!


The Chocolate Boutique line of coffee creamers from Coffee-mate is brand new in 2016 and each flavor is carefully created to be decadent and delicious because chocolate and coffee go so well together. Chocolate Boutique is made up of three delicious flavors: Salted Caramel Chocolate, Chocolate Toffee Truffle and Café Mocha. I honestly can tell you I love all 3. They have run out pretty quickly in our caffeine-loving house but these will for sure be something we purchase again and again. You can find the nearest store to purchase them here.

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I have talked on the blog numerous times about how important it is to have time for ourselves. Maybe not everyday but at least a few times a week. Even if its 30 minutes here and there. So think about what you can do to have time for yourself and how adding a little something extra can improve that!

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What do you do to have time for yourself?

This post was sponsored by Coffee-mate but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience. #ChocolateBoutique #ButFirstCoffeemate

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  • 25 thoughts on “A Little Something Extra

    1. Rachel Dean

      I am not a coffee drinker unless it’s got the good stuff in it. I may drink coffee with these creamers. They sound yummy! I like to exercise and listen to music when I have time for myself.

    2. Ashley Edmondson

      I have been cutting back on using creamer in my coffee (I’ve been using almond/cashew milk and Truvia), but every now and then I treat myself to something a little extra in my coffee. I am an avid coffee drinker, it’s how I start my day. I enjoy a hot cup of coffee on Saturday mornings while sitting on my couch under a blanket…no matter the weather 🙂

    3. [email protected] Yoga Mat Monkey

      Coffee and I have been friends since my teen years, when I took a job waitressing at a Dunkin’ Donuts. The aroma was so enticing! I do experiment with creamers occasionally, but I’m pretty satisfied with a plain cup of the dark stuff! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    4. Katie

      Love it!! I definitely take my coffee seriously and as MY moment. Sure it gives me that extra bolt of energy but it also reminds me to stop, breathe and enjoy!

    5. Christine

      My morning coffee is probably my favorite time of day. It let’s me slowly wake up and have a few minutes of quiet to myself. These look absolutely delicious. I am dying to try the mocha one.

    6. Sara

      I have never heard of these chocolate coffee flavors. They look delicious. Now I want a hot drink but I’m too tired to get up and make one!

    7. Kristina

      I love tea but also coffee and that cafe mocha sounds delish! I love to cozy up with a blanket a hot mug of tea or coffee and read a good book or watch a movie.

    8. Keating

      I loved trying these creamers! They were so delicious. I loved the salted caramel one the best. I bought them for my mother in law as well for her fridge in her office. They’re awesome!

    9. Bri @ Simple Delights

      With a little one now, it can be hard to find time for myself but I always make time for a hot beverage. It makes me feel so relaxed! My ideal “me time” is probably a walk outdoors. It is something I can do anywhere (home, on vacation, etc.) and it always brings me peace and clarity. Even better is following the walk up with a hot beverage like coffee or tea. 🙂


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