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Inspire · Life · April 8, 2016

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If you have been following my blog for a while you probably hear me talk about some of my favorite podcasts. I have even been a guest on one. Granted I can’t bring myself to listen to that episode. HA! I get a lot of questions about what podcasts I listen to and what my favorite podcasts are, so I figured I would dedicate an entire post to that!


The Shipping Room: Once upon a time last November I was a guest on the Shipping Room. Since then I have actually become really good friends with the two geniuses behind the show. Have you ever talked to any of your friends about which couples on TV shows you love, hate, want to see happen? That’s basically what this show is. They cover different shows and different shipping topics. It’s really freaking fun!

Carrie On: I love Sex and the City, and if you did or do then you will love listening to Kat and Alec and their awesome guests chat about each episode. Seriously when I discovered this podcast I binged all the episodes they had released to that point in a week. I get way too excited when I see there’s a new one to listen to. Plus, Kat and Alec are #relationshipgoals

The Lively Show: I had to throw in this podcast because anytime I need a motivational boost I listen to it. It’s really great and Jess is so interesting and personable. You honestly feel like you’re listening to a good friend talk.

The Blaze: One of the first podcasts I got hooked on. The Blaze with Lizzie and Kat goes through each episode of the original Beverly Hills 90210 and it’s pretty amazing. I wrote more about it here.

Gilmore Guys: If you haven’t heard of Gilmore Guys I assume you’ve been living under a rock. Two guys one who loves Gilmore Girls and one who is watching for the first time analyze every single episode along with awesome guests, live shows, and pop culture references galore. You must go listen!

Best of Friends: I discovered Best of Friends as I did a lot of my podcasts, when they were guests on The Blaze. This podcasts goes episode by episode through the Friends series. I listen to it a lot at the gym and I get a lot of weird looks from laughing so hard on the elliptical.

Creek of The Week: I am a die hard Dawson’s Creek fan, and if you loved Dawson’s then you will love this. Two guys who each week pick a random episode of Dawson’s Creek (in no particular order) and provide live commentary while they watch. It’s all kinds of amazing. It helps that they are both clearly #TeamPacey.

First and Final: This was a really random discovery one night. It’s a brother and a sister who each episode pick a new TV show. They watch the first and final episode of the series and discuss. It’s super fun. They have done such shows as The West Wing, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, and Friday Night Lights. Hands down one of my favorites to listen to.

Worst Friends Forever: This is a newer to me podcast. My friend Tamar (one of the hosts of The Shipping Room) told me about it and it’s three best friends who talk about different topics each week. One week it may be Jane Austen books, and one week it might be House of Cards. Usually a Gilmore Girls reference thrown in and some side stories. They are seriously hysterical.

ShePod: This is a super new one to me. It comes out on Sundays and is designed to be like a “brunch with friends” type podcast. They have lots of random discussions and it’s really enjoyable.

Brandi Glanville Unfiltered: Yeah I’m embarrassed for myself too. But one episode of Brandi and Leann Rhimes ex, Dean Shermet talking about their divorces and I was hooked.

Gossip Guys: Similar format to Best of Friends, The Blaze, and Gilmore Guys, it’s two guys talking about Gossip Girl. It’s really fun because one of them has never seen it before. The two guys are freaking hysterical!

Reality TV Podcast: I am a self proclaimed reality TV junkie. I have a problem. The more stupid the show, the more likely I am to watch it. Jenny and Pete who are hysterical talk about all my favs: Teen Mom, Survivor, Vanderpump Rules, Real World, Mother Daughter Experiment, and more. I have no idea how I found them, but I am so glad I did!

So those are my favorite podcasts. There are some others that I listen to randomly but these are ones that I really look forward to each week! I would love to know what some of your favorite podcasts are…

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  • 42 thoughts on “Favorite Podcasts

    1. Anne Marie

      That First and Final show sounds really interesting!! I tend to stay away from most TV show podcasts (which is silly since I HOST 3), but this sounds pretty cool. I already have a few downloading.

    2. Michele

      Guess I live under a rock–I don’t listen to podcasts nor do I watch much TV at all. I much prefer to read! I have heard people talk about some of these and they seem to love them.

    3. Katie

      Oh man, it sounds like I have more podcasts to add to my list! Most of the ones I listen to are either health/fitness or entrepreneurial based but I’ve been hearing such great things about Gilmore Guys and since I’m in the process of watching EVERY Gilmore Girls episode from the beginning, I should tune in! πŸ˜‰

    4. Jessica lynn

      This is PERFECT! My husband loves podcasts, but since I don’t want to listen to his silly sci-fi or woodworking podcasts, I’ve wanted to find some for myself. Thanks for this list πŸ˜€

    5. Katie @ Adulting Daily

      I haven’t listened to any of these, so will have to check them out! Some of my favorites are Run to the Top (about running), Lady Loving’ (one of the hosts is Lo from Laguna Beach), The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, Blissful Bits, and Big Magic.

    6. Justin Y @ Little Dove

      I just somewhat-recently started listening to podcasts and I love them! I never saw the appeal before, but I think they’re really enjoyable, sometimes they’re the only adult “conversation” I have all day, lol. that Gilmore Guys one sounds hilarious, thanks Neely!

    7. Libby

      I’m so glad you shared this! I love to listen to podcasts on my commute to and from work! I got really into the one Jason & Molly Mesnick from the Bachelor did, but they don’t record them any more so I’m constantly relistening to them so I will have to check some of these out!

    8. Chelsea

      Gilmore Guys! I never have heard. Sounds amazing! What a great round up. I’ve never actually listened to a podcast before! Isn’t that nuts!

    9. Jessica Bradshaw

      I have never been a podcast person but I have also never taken to time to really listen. I love the idea of a Gilmore Guys.

      My husband loves Bad Christian. I just need to bite the bullet and start one.

    10. Pam

      I think I would really like the ShePod one. Sounds like fun. The Gilmore Guys sounds like it would be a blast too. Thanks for sharing all of these.

    11. chastity

      I have actually never listened to a podcast! But I just started working out again, so I should start listening while I’m doing my cardio.

    12. Lindsey

      SO need to listen to Gilmore Guys! So many I haven’t heard of. I love Being Boss, The Smart Passive Income Podcast, Suitcase Entrepreneur and the Tim Ferris Show!

    13. Ashleigh

      I have never been into podcasts but really think I need to! This list is a great starting point for me, so thanks! And Brandi Glanville lol I need to hear this! Thanks for sharing!

    14. Lexi

      I’m definitely going to have to start listening to podcasts. I’ve heard so many people talk about different ones. Hope you had a great weekend!

    15. Dia All The Things I Do

      I just recently got into podcasts and am in the process of starting my own. This is perfect timing for me. The only one I’ve heard of it the Lively show. I have to check out the Gilmore Guys! Sounds amazing… I must be under that rock lol I love this list it’s not just all about one niche. Thanks for sharing.

    16. Ling

      Wow we watch a lot of the same shows because I want to start subscribing to almost all of these podcasts lol. Thanks for the recommendations!

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