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Blogging · Organization · May 5, 2015

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One question I get asked constantly through emails, messages and comments is “How do you balance your blog, work and life?” The answer is not a simple one. The answer is very meticulously organized. But since I know organizing time and balance is something we ALL struggle with I thought I would share with you how I plan, organize and balance my time.



Blog Life Balance:

1. Know your limits. Do you need 8 hours of sleep a night? Do you need to take breaks during the day to make sure you are at your best? Do you need lunch, dinner etc not near your computer? You have to know what your limits are and where to draw lines. I know for me personally my limits are that I need to spend time with my husband when he gets home from work. So for the most part I try to have as much work done during the day as possible. There are things that need to be finished at night but I still make sure Andrew and I have spent time together and had dinner together before I get back to it. I also NEED to get a good nights sleep. I won’t beat myself up if something isn’t done and it’s 11 at night. I know that we get up early around here so going to sleep early is important to me. My limits are for sure time with my husband and sleep.

2. Organize Organize Organize: I have a planner (Emily Ley Simplified Planner) that I swear by. I am in my third year of using the same type of planner and it’s perfect for me. It has enough room to house all of my work, blog and life commitments as well as meal plan and write goals. As a couple we use a google calendar that we share for anything major coming up. We also have our weekly meals planned there as well. But my main organization tip is having to-do lists. I have a weekly to do list that I keep running as the week goes and then a monthly to do list of bigger goals I want to accomplish that month. For instance on my weekly list it would say “get 5 blog posts written by____” on my month it would be more specific ” 3 blog posts containing blog advice” “4 blog posts about organization.” Make sense?

3. Make time for you: I am a big believer in ME TIME. I know for me if I don’t have enough time to myself I am not good for anyone else. I am not helpful to my intern who wants to learn from me, I am not helpful as a wife to my husband, I am not a good friend, daughter etc. For me my daily me time is going to work out. I try to go to Pure Barre about 5 times a week. I love going there because the entire studio relaxes me. The instructors, girls who work at the desk and other clients are all so nice! Seriously if you are in or around Dallas ever go to Pure Barre Preston Hollow it’s the best! I also like to grab a Starbucks and go for walks, window shop, get manicures etc. These are things that I know refresh me and make me more attentive to the places I need to be.

Those are just a few of the ways I make sure my life is balanced. There is not ONE key thing to do. It’s a lot of little things everyday. Make good choices. Make sure you are giving attention to those who deserve it. When we moved I was so stressed about having everything unpacked, things hung on walls etc. I realized that if art is sitting against the walls for a few weeks before it’s hung no one is going to yell at me. I have to let things like that go and focus on what matters.

What are your blog life balance tips?

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  • 21 thoughts on “Blog Life Balance

    1. Kate

      I’m a huge believer in to-do lists, as well. They keep me sane at school and I’m sure they’ll be a huge help once I’m working and am starting my career. I try to take breaks during the day, especially on the weekends when I do a lot of schoolwork, and especially breaks that don’t involve doing something else on my computer. It helps so much!

    2. Erica @ Coming Up Roses

      Amen, amen, amen! I realized recently that I was getting way more stressed out than I should’ve been because I wasn’t putting me time on the list – I was including blogging as me time, forgetting that it’s actually a ton of work and NOT hunky dory relaxation! So now that I’m trying to intentionally schedule in manis and Starbucks runs and time to sit and read or think, it’s so much better.

    3. Katie

      Love all of these! In the past, I would spend too much time online. But thabkfully I’ve found a happy medium. Well, I actually spend less time online but it works for me and my life! I love the three tips. I use my blog time as my “me” time while at a coffee shop, etc. these are great tips!

    4. Ally | A Home Called Shalom

      I get myself into trouble when I feel like I have to get something done on the blog “rightthisminute.” A great idea, inspiration for a post or a picture… it can come up suddenly, and it’s so tempting for me to drop everything and go with the “muse.” Having a planning binder has really helped- I can just write down the idea and get back to it later!

    5. Very Erin

      Since I work a full-time job along with my blog, I’m still working on blog-life balance. It’s difficult. The best tip I can give is to write things down! Keep a solid editorial calendar and a to-do list so you always know what you need to do that week.

    6. Jessa

      I love all of these tips. I use to not take me time and got so burnt out. Now I take a few hours just for me. I need to get back into the schedule though. I love the idea of a google chat calendar for everything about us as a couple. I’m going to talk to the hubs and see what he says.

    7. Gina

      Yes, yes, yes!! I love your thoughts on this. We have several similarities, especially when it comes to sleep and me time. I will normally always choose sleep over getting things done. It’s so important to be able to stay healthy and keep up sleeping patterns. Normally it helps you do the best work you can do! And “me” time is so important too! I never feel right if I don’t make time for small things I enjoy. It keeps us going and happy throughout our days!

    8. Daria

      I love all of these tips and will be incorporating them. I definitely need to find a healthy balance. Thanks for sharing…

    9. Christina

      I also use a to do list. I do the most important things first. That means writing is done first, then other work that I enjoy but isn’t the most important thing. Eating meals regularly and having time offline is also important. We like to go for walks in the evenings and enjoy the spring weather. It’s a great time to talk and we stay off our phones and focus on each other.

    10. Beth

      Love this post Neely! Me Time is HUGE! It has taken me 28 years to learn to no say yes to any invitation / event / obligation – I have struggled with this for a long time – You are so right – We are better spouses / daughters / friends when we get in our ‘Me’ Time!

    11. Alice

      I really need to try this “blog planner” thing that everyone speaks of! Sometimes I feel like my blog life is all over the place, so this would be very beneficial!

      And I agree “me time” out side of blogging is a must!

      xo, Alice

    12. Nicole

      Such a good read! I’m a huge fan of to-do lists myself. I have a google calendar that I use for my blog and one that I share with my husband. Being organized is so important if there is any hope of finding some amount of balance. But, I’m almost certain there is no such thing as balance when you really think about it!

    13. Erica Brooks

      Good tips. I’m not always as organized as I would like but I always make sure to get some “Me Time” to pray and meditate which helps me a lot.

    14. Ariana

      These are great tips! Especially knowing your limits. I think it can be easy to get caught in the comparison game, feeling as though we need to work as hard as what we see others doing. But I always try to keep in mind that while it may look like someone is “grinding it out” way more than I am, they don’t necessarily have all the other extra responsibilities that I do.

      One of the most important things I’ve learned so far as a business owner is that *I* set the rules. No one else! I get to decide when I’ve worked enough for the day, when I deserve a break, and when I need to push myself a little more. It’s a delicate balance between being disciplined and not pushing myself so hard I burn out.

    15. Bri @ Simple Delights

      I love these . Thanks for sharing!! I also have to remind myself regularly that you don’t have to follow “strict rules” with blogging. I have had to post less per week for the past couple of months and initialy freaked out. But it’s okay.. sometimes we will go through different seasons.

    16. Hannah

      I try to do two of three sessions (morning, afternoon,evening). Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. On a Monday I have to work into the evening because of a Twitter gathering thing that I join in with but I then try to take two sessions “off” on a Tuesday to balance that off. Sometimes it’s not easy especially if you’re in the middle of something and you want to finish it.


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