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Clean Beauty Splurges

Beauty · March 22, 2019

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I have written QUITE a bit about how much I am trying to switch to clean beauty! I wrote about my clean beauty favorites here and today I want to share my clean beauty splurges. Some of these items are a bit more pricey but I think worth the splurge. All of these products can be found at Credo beauty! There is a great store in DFW at the Legacy West shopping area. While I was NOT paid for this post and I am writing purely on my own they did send me some of the products to try!

Clean Beauty Splurges

One thing I love about Credo is you can go in with your makeup bag and they can show you clean beauty switches for all of your products. One that I loved was my RMS uncoverup. It’s not the concealer I use almost every single day! It’s really incredible and comes in TONS of shades.

I will admit that I am not one to take a bath all the time. In fact I just started taking baths again after a ridiculous bath hiatus. Mostly due to time. But this goop G-tox bath soak is incredible. I honestly don’t want to get out of the tub.

I have mentioned Tata Harper products on my blog a few dozen times. They are truly some of my favorites. The resurfacing mask is my holy grail mask. I use it several times a week. I have purchased it with my own money many times so I can tell you it’s worth it. The illuminating eye cream is also a big splurge but the way it brightens up your face it’s worth it. I am also a huge fan of their cleansers. My favorite is the refreshing cleanser!

Vitamin C serums are my favorites to use during the day. I feel like they wake your entire face up. The Ursa Major serum is one I have been using for over a month and I really love it.

I was so excited to try a couple of Susanne Kaufman products and the moisturizing mask did not disappoint. It goes on so well and makes your skin super soft. Lets be real If I had to pick one product in life it would be face masks. I also really love the body butter. I had a really bad sunburn recently and I put this on nonstop and I feel like it really helped.

Some other great things to note about the Credo Beauty store! While you can shop online if you have a store near you I highly suggest checking it out! They have an area where you can get Tata Harper facials-I am going to try it next week! They also like I said will go through your makeup bag with you and help show you which products you can trade out for clean ones.

I would love to know some clean beauty splurges you’d make!

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  • 17 thoughts on “Clean Beauty Splurges

    1. Stephanie

      I should try this next time I am up to the DFW area. I don’t know much about makeup or what to look for in it, but would love to have them help go through what I use and give me suggestions for better products.

    2. Angela Tolsma

      I am definitely trying the goop bath soak stuff. I don’t take baths often and am looking for something new that won’t leave a huge amount of residue in the tub afterwards.

    3. Nati

      That is interesting! I did not know Tat Harper made any clean skincare, I thought their ranges have silicones, alcohol and synthetic fragrances.

    4. Becca Wilson

      I always tend to look for clean beauty products. These are some really great recommends for skin care!

    5. Flossie McCowald

      Oh dear…I cannot think of any clean beauty splurges, but then again, my beauty routine is pretty bare-bones anyway. Almost never wearing makeup (lazy mama!) helps with that…

    6. Kim

      These all seem like they’re worth trying 🙂 I have been loving vitamin c serums lately as well 🙂


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