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Currently Loving: January 2024

I have not done one of these posts in a bit and I have tried A LOT of nw things. Time to share some things I am currently loving in January and honestly have been loving some of these for a long time.


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Currently Loving: January 2024

Our Fireplace: Dallas has been real cold lately. I mean yes it’s January but we are talking some feels like temps of below zero. So we have had our fireplace on mostly all day everyday that we are home. This is actually our first house to have a working fireplace in our family room and it has been amazing.

Summer Fridays lip oils: These are new and I definitely bought into the hype. I tried two and really love them. Super hydrating and the right amount of color.

Clarins face mask: I had been wanting to try this for a long time. It’s not a clean product but I haven’t had any weird reactions and really like it.

Anine Bing pullover: I have two of these and really want a third. I live in these on cold days! I always size up for a more oversized fit.

Lucky Honey socks: I saw someone talk about these and LOVED the ruffle. These are perfect for barre and pilates but we have hardwood floors so I wear them around the house in the winter.

Walking pad: I have talked about my walking pad SEVERAL times but you guys when it’s below 40 degrees and raining this really comes in clutch!

Lululemon flared align leggings: Another thing I saw a lot of people wearing and then I tried them and they are BEYOND flattering! Same align material in a flared legging.

Anyone But You movie: Andrew and I saw this and LOVED it! This is the kind of classic romcom we need more of.

The Ex Vows by Jessica Joyce: I got an ARC of The Ex Vows by Jessica Joyce (out in July) and HOLY SHIT this book is good! I knew it would be since I loved You With A View and her holiday novella,  A Risk Worth Taking. Definitely pre-order this!

What are you currently loving?

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