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Currently Loving November 2019

Life · November 4, 2019

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You guys I can’t believe I am in the final baby countdown! In less than 3 weeks she will be here. I wanted to share some of the things I am currently loving for November or really the past month or two!

Currently Loving November 2019

TV: All the fall TV has been so good. I didn’t add any new shows to the mix but I am loving This Is Us, A Million Little Things, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.

Beauty: Still loving my silk hair ties, and I don’t know if I have talked much about it but for about 6 months I have used a silk pillowcase and I can’t tell you the difference it’s made. My hair and skin are both so healthy! Also, I am really loving my new Naturopathica Oat Cleansing Facial Polish. It’s a good clean cleanser.

Fashion: My fashion right now consists of like 2 things since I am 38 weeks pregnant. However, I am going to share the things I’m excited to wear. I got this vest, this tunic, and these sneakers(already wearing) and I can’t wait to pair them together for some cozy fall looks.

Podcasts: I am LOVING Press Send Chinae Alexanders Podcast. Also, I went to the live show of Bad On Paper this week which was SO FUN! Work In Progress, Sophia Bush’s new Podcast is also great. She has done some amazing interviews.

Books: I got an ARC of Colleen Hoovers new book, Regretting You (out next month) and it’s fantastic! Highly recommend pre-ordering.

Random: Do naps count? I have been napping a lot almost as if I am stocking up on sleep. Also just all the fun holiday decor and things that are out. This time of year is my favorite!

What are you currently loving?

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  • 14 thoughts on “Currently Loving November 2019

    1. Stephanie

      This Is Us and Grey’s Anatomy are two of my favorite shows, too! I’m also loving all the soups and comfort food we’ve been making lately with the weather finally turning cold.

    2. Chelley

      Oh mama!!!! You’re almost there!!!! I absolutely love those sneakers- I bet they’re like walking on air (holy price tag!)- so important to be comfy before baby. And NAP ALL THE NAPS! My babies were great sleepers, but I was glad I got some good sleep before laboring! I’m currently loving the fall weather in New England- perfect for running!

    3. Clarice

      We are excited for you and we will be praying for your safe delivery. Will check out the podcasts you mentioned. I am looking for new ones to subscribe to. Thank you for sharing.

    4. Bree Larson

      I am loving Greys right now too. It is one of my fav shows. Also yes naps hahaha I have been needing those now too!

    5. Courtney

      Oooo I am obsessed with my silk pillow case too!!!! I don’t know why I waited so long before getting one because omg! Don’t know how I lived without it

    6. aisasami

      I looooooooooooove naps too! I took last Friday off from work and just slept the whole day. People might think this outrageous but I got a chance to catch up on sleep and rest since I was severely sick ion October.

    7. Melanie williams

      I am loving your November month. Gosh Greys anatomy , I have not watch in a while will have to start that up again I think xx

    8. Nichelle

      Congrats on your bundle of joy. November will certainly not disappoint you. I’m loving it too. And no.. you can never get enough naps. You will need all your rest. Blessings!


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