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Fall Night Routine

Beauty · Sponsored Post · August 11, 2016

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Fall is right around the corner. I mean, if how fast summer has gone by is any indicator, it will be Halloween before we know it! With season changes comes new routines and new ways of doing things. I am one of those people who loves seeing what others morning and night routines are. My fall night routine is nothing crazy, but it’s what works for me.


We usually eat dinner around 6 or 7. The post dinner complaining about how we have to clean the kitchen then kicks in. Lately, I’ve been using the “but I’m pregnant” excuse to try to get Andrew to clean it more. He happily obliges. We do end up cleaning the kitchen together. Then we straighten up the living room.

To get ready for bed I usually brush my teeth first. I try to do calf raises while I brush my teeth because I feel like I’m getting a little activity in even though I work out every morning.

After I brush and floss, I always always morning and night rinse with LISTERINE Healthy White Mouthwash. I can’t really do major teeth whitening while pregnant, so this is a great thing for me to use and my doctor said it is safe! WIN! I love the way my mouth feels after too! LISTERINE launched their Bring Out The Bold campaign this year so make sure to check that out. We have both been using LISTERINE products for years and years and happily continue to do so.

Next I do my nighttime skin care routine. This starts with me washing my face with Neutrogena Foaming Face Wash and my Clarisonic (every other day). Then I put on my nighttime serum which is Fresh Rose Serum. I then moisturize with Cereve. I put eye cream on twice a day, and lately I have been using the First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 eye cream. I really love eye duty triple remedy but Sephora was out of it and I’m a huge fan of the 5-in-1 cream now.


I always brush my hair and put it in a loose bun and then apply a lot of chapstick, either Softlips or Bite Agave.

Then I take my prenatal vitamins and do some stretching before I get in bed.

I try to read for a bit and we usually watch something on the DVR. Then it’s time for sleep!


If I am having trouble falling asleep, I will sometimes make some calming chamomile tea, which is great and helps with relaxing.

See simple, easy fall night routine.

I would love to know what your fall night routine looks like!

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  • 34 thoughts on “Fall Night Routine

    1. melanie

      I work nights so my routine usually consists of taking off my makeup before crashing on the couch then waking up about 4 hours later and taking a shower then brushing my teeth…and some days I’m so tired I forget to take off the makeup. Yikes

    2. Cassandra

      It still feels like summer, but this post is making me ready for fall! what is it about August starting that makes it seem like autumn is just around the corner? Can’t wait for cozy evenings!

    3. cara

      This looks like my typical nightly routine! I’m so excited for the coziness that comes with fall and curling up under blankets! 🙂

    4. Shann Eva

      Sounds like a great night routine. I need to get better about a routine for myself. I have one for the kids, but then I get so tired, I just want to fall into bed.

    5. Katie

      I always drink warm magnesium (Natural calm) to help me relax before bed and then use lavender oil in my diffuser while I fall asleep. It’s perfect!

    6. Rosemond Perdue

      I need your organizations for my night time routine! My routine these days during summer has been more like “what I forgot to do!” Great to learn about a whitening mouthwash, I definitely need to give it a try!

    7. Jenny

      I’m so nosey so I love reading people’s routines too. I don’t really have a solid night time routine – it definitely varies but I sure need to get one.

      xoxo, Jenny

    8. Megan Gonzalez

      That’s a great routine! I should start brushing my teeth and doing all the face care stuff before winding down. I usually wind down first and then have to clean myself up, which doesn’t work out well because I either don’t do it or it wakes me back up.

    9. Authenticyogamama

      Great to take care of ourselves with a great routine. I love to do some yoga before bed, read a few pages from a book I am reading, I apply my bedtime essential oils for sleep in my diffuser and if I have sore back,neck or feet I will apply so oils to help with that 🙂

    10. Elizabeth O

      A shower before bedtime gets me feeling relaxed and ready. I stay up late some nights writing and then meditate before sleeping.

    11. Benjamin

      It seems to make those times of the day less chaotic and help you ease into the next day. I love having morning and evening routines. Thanks for sharing!


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