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Favorite Amazon Purchases

Fitness and Health · Life · March 18, 2019

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No this is not a new idea, I have seen it everywhere and every time I read them I fill my cart with new fun things. So I am hopping on the train and sharing my favorite Amazon purchases! Most of these are within the last year.

Favorite Amazon Purchases

These leggings are awesome and I can’t recommend them enough if you are looking for quality leggings at the fraction of the expense.

I have a pair of Celine sunglasses and I have these and let me tell you I can’t tell the difference. They are a little flimsy but other than that I get complimented on them DAILY! Can’t beat $10 dupes!

Hands down my favorite body scrub! You can get it at Target too but I almost always order it from Amazon!

We use these baskets in our pantry and I am thinking of getting a few for our linen closet as well. They are so pretty and look much more expensive than they are!

I love Nest candles and I was so excited to discover I can order them on Amazon! This is my dad’s favorite scent and becoming one of mine as well!

If you have a child you 100% need these! These stick on placemats are perfect for restaurants if you have a little one who is a messy eater or you don’t want to lug a child friendly plate around.

I get almost all of my vitamins and supplements on Amazon. These Magnesium Citrate supplements are awesome if you have sleep issues!

I have spoken of my love for this ice roller tons of times and it is hands down my all time favorite Amazon purchase! It is great to depuff skin and amazing if you have a migraine.

I love that headbands are back again! I wish I had kept all of mine, I really had quite the collection. However these from Amazon are awesome and so comfy! I wear them daily!

I have had my acupressure mat for over a year and my love for it just grows. It is great for sore muscles, stress, and just wellness overall.

Tell me about some of your favorite Amazon purchases!

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  • 21 thoughts on “Favorite Amazon Purchases

    1. chelsea w

      I definitely think magnesium is so important for our bodies, and so many people are deficient in it! However, I use Magnesium Glycinate because it’s the easiest one on my stomach. I also use a magnesium lotion on my calves! I can attest to that ice roller being great for migraines as well; it feels so good on my temples and on the back of my neck.

    2. Joline

      I recently got prime (I know, what took me so long right???) and have been ordering left and right! I recently bought some CrossFit stuff at a fraction of the price of name brands, but the quality was awesome.

    3. Krysten Quiles

      I’ve been wanting an acupressure mat for awhile and I’m not really sure why I haven’t just got one for myself. Thanks for the reminder, off to spend MORE money πŸ˜‰

    4. Janell

      Amazon reminds me of a giant toy box for adults; you never know what you’re going to find next. I might have to try that ice roller on my next migraine.

    5. zee

      I dont buy alot from Amazon but really need to step it up. I am going to look into those leggings as they seem great. WELL you made me want to buy them! haha can never have enough black leggings true?


      The seaweed scrub sounds interesting. I’ve never tried one with seaweed in it before but would definitely give that a go.

    7. Christa

      That detox scrub looks amazing. I love Amazon. I can get so much fun stuff and never change out of my pjs. πŸ˜€

    8. Melanie williams

      Wow so many fab ideas here. I love the candles and the sun glasses too. Ideal for Mothers day gifting xx


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