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Current Favorite Pregnancy Snacks

Food · Pregnancy · February 8, 2017

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Never in my life would I have guessed I would have been as hungry as I have been during my pregnancy. It for sure comes in waves, and some days are a lot more than others. At the beginning of my pregnancy I shared a favorite pregnancy snacks post and I wanted to share another! My current favorite pregnancy snacks are mostly healthy but what can I say, I love my sweets!

current favorite pregnancy snacks

Current Favorite Pregnancy Snacks

Popcorn: I have been addicted to the SmartPop Kettle Korn lately. I think I have at least one bag a day. The good news is it’s not bad for you. The bad news is you have to floss right after. Oh just me?

Smoothies: I make smoothies minimum once a day. I always put greens and fruit in them, but sometimes I am craving a really cold fruit smoothie. Something about smoothies just really satisfy me.

Granola/Granola Bars: Granola bars for the first trimester were something I could not even stomach. However lately I have been eating at least one or two a day. I am also loving granola by itself for a snack. It really fills me up which is good. The honey granola from Central Market is my favorite.

Cereal: I can’t be the only cereal fiend out there. A big bowl of cereal used to be my dinner of choice in college, but lately I have been loving a big bowl of cereal as a snack! So good! My favorite is Kashi Go Lean Crunch. YUM!

Cheese: Horizon organic string cheese specifically. It’s so rare that I don’t have one of these a day.

Fruit/Veggies: I have been loving apple slices. We get a big thing of them already cut up at Sam’s every week and I usually go through them pretty fast. There could be worse things right? I am also loving carrot sticks. I usually make a plate with both of these things. I have also been really into pineapple and grapes.

Sweets: I can’t very well leave out the sweets right? I am loving Mint Choc Chip Halo Top (Thank God for 240 calories a pint) and my favorite favorite cookies! Seriously get some you won’t be sorry!

Did you have any favorite pregnancy snacks? If you aren’t pregnant do you have any current favorite snacks?

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  • 32 thoughts on “Current Favorite Pregnancy Snacks

    1. Cadri

      I used to crave cereal sooo bad in my pregnancies. I ttyink it was mostly the milk, and I don’t even like milk notmslly. This time around, I was all about pancakes. Pretty sure my fiancΓ© was beyond sick of pancakes by the end. ?

    2. Jaime

      I ate all day, every day until my third trimester, I think. My boss would walk into my office and say, “really? Eating again?” I once told him I could eat right then or throw up in his office later. πŸ˜‰ My go-to snacks were crackers (they helped with the all day nausea I had with my second pregnancy.) At night I wanted popcorn or ice cream. Before pregnancy I was big on Pepsi or Dr. Pepper and during pregnancy I just didn’t want it at all. (I haven’t had a diet Pepsi since the night before I delivered 9.5 months ago!) Pregnancy is a crazy thing!

    3. Kim-ThisOleMom

      I craved cereal when I was pregnant and Lara Bars. I’m not currently pregnant but I find myself craving cheese sometimes! I see you crave healthy food that’s great! And, there’s nothing wrong with having sweets every once in a while even if they aren’t low calorie.

    4. Brittany N

      I’m not pregnant (yet! Going to start trying this year!) but I love reading other women’s posts about pregnancy. I have no idea what I’ll crave, but I hope I don’t go too overboard on the sweets. I already have such a sweet tooth! I could eat a whole tub of kettle corn by myself. Praying that you’ll have a great pregnancy and healthy baby! xoxo

    5. Nellwyn

      I’m not pregnant but my favourite snacks right now are fruits and fresh juices. I think I’m really needing extra vitamins this winter because it’s been so grey here in Toronto. I’m craving summer flavours!

    6. Annemarie LeBlanc

      Oh those pregnancy cravings! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I just had to have barbeque ribs every day. With my two sons, it was pepperoni pizza and coconut water. I am happy that you have healthy snack cravings. That’s great for baby and you!

    7. Melanie Burbage

      I didn’t really have cravings when I was preggo with any of my four kids, though with one of them I could NOT have any kind of meat. I could only seem to eat white rice and so for those 9 months, white rice it was


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