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February Goals

Inspire · Life · February 1, 2017

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Goodness you guys. It’s February. That means I am having a February baby! Yes it’s the month. Let’s do this baby boy. First though, let’s see what I accomplished in January as well as set some February Goals. I surely do not intend to set any crazy goals for the month other than you know, have a baby. But I do have a few things to accomplish in the weeks before.

February Goals

In January I wanted to…

  • Soak in the last month of no baby by having more dates with Andrew, and having some good solid alone time. I foresee some alone movie dates (my fav) in my future.- We did have a few dates but mostly we hung out at home because I feel giant.
  • Read 5 books– Yes I did! Mostly baby related books on sleep training haha.
  • Continue to eat healthier– Yes done and done!
  • Try to workout 3 times a week. I think that 5 is kind of silly at this point but I would love to do at least 3 days of workouts.- I have worked out 3-5 times a week still mostly walking or doing the stationary bike with a few strength exercises.
  • Get the things we need for baby boy and have all stuff assembled– Yep! We are ready for you baby boy!
  • Write all my shower thank you notes before the end of the month– I wrote them all within 3 days of our shower! BOOM!
  • Pick out birth announcements (will choose a photo later obviously) and update Minted address book to make that part easier– I have narrowed it down to 3. So I’m getting there.
  • Write 10 more posts to bank for February and March– I wrote 24 more!
  • Spend some time with my parents– I wish I had been better at this but I saw them both more!

In February I want to…

  • Read 3 books
  • Go on at least one more date with Andrew
  • Get the house completely in order pre baby
  • Go over all my blog posts for the next few weeks
  • Make sure we have everything we need for baby boy for the first few weeks
  • Sleep

What are you February Goals?

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  • 36 thoughts on “February Goals

    1. Mamaguru

      I’ll be publishing a book this month!!! Is your baby due in February? When I was pregnant I made sure to put it on my New Years Resolutions as well as my to do list. Congrats!

    2. Robbi

      Yes, skip the sleep training books and just sleep ! I always like for my babes to know i am there for them. Don’t be afraid to go against the flow of ‘convential’ parenting. Research is showing that being held is just as much a need food snd a clean diaper. favorite baby books are The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and Jesus The Gentle Parent . Good luck!

    3. Callie K

      Great progress on your January goals! Way to go! Congrats on the upcoming arrival of the baby boy, too. I’m still trying to narrow down my Feb goals, as I set way too many! 🙂

    4. Divya @ Eat Teach Blog

      Man, you are so inspirational!

      I’m not too sure about what I want my goals to be. I gave myself until Friday to think about it. I do know that I want to get better at drafting up my blog posts in mass quantity, so that on nights when my husband isn’t working, I can actually spend that time with him. I also know I want to find ways to volunteer my time to the Tennessee Democrats. And continue to work toward shedding some weight.

      Well, I guess writing comment has helped me realize my top three priorities for the month! Haha 🙂

    5. Laina Turner

      First of all congrats on your life changing to one so amazing you can’t even imagine this month. And second because you sure were productive for that last month:) So happy for you!

    6. Charlotte

      Awwww, baby’s almost here!! You had a really productive month in January–go you! I love that your banking a few extra posts for the coming weeks–so smart. Hope you are able to have at least one more date night with the hubs AND that you’re able to relax a bit before baby’s arrival.


    7. Autumn

      I’m really impressed you read 5 books this month. I ended up reading three and I hope to read 4 next month. I hope you can keep soaking up this time with your hubby before you get your baby!

      I do a monthly goal linkup and this would be perfect for it! 🙂

    8. CourtneyLynne

      Great goals!!!! Reading is a biggie on my goals list too. Realistically i should be reading 5…. but I have 3 as my goal since thays more realistic with my multitasking/constantly distracted ways lol

    9. Abbey

      Oh my goodness, I’m so excited for you! I’ve still got 2 months left before baby girl comes! 🙂 I’m definitely working on relaxing, too!

    10. Mistle

      You killed your goals for last month. I have been working out at least 3 x’s a week. I think that’s better than nothing. I am hoping to do some more reading this month. I joined the SYBL Book Club. I bet your excited for your baby boy to get here!! Good luck with your goals this month!

    11. Lisa Rios

      Every new year starts with new goals and it is a fresh start for everyone of us. I think you have made a good progress in your goals in January and the February plans look great as well. I do need some sleep & ways to relax as I have been so restless lately!

    12. Emily Monk

      Hi Neely! I’m quite new to the blogging scene but have just come across your website and i’m in love. So many interesting & wonderful posts, thank you! Looking forward to reading more! Xx


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