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First Holiday Card As A Family Of Three

Growing up we didn’t always do holiday cards, and so I knew getting married it was something I really wanted for my growing family. This is Andrew and my fifth year to send out holiday cards, but it’s even better because it’s our first holiday card as a family of three! As we have every year, we worked with Minted to create the most perfect cards for us!

First Holiday Card As A Family Of Three

Minted is an amazing place to create not just holiday cards but birth announcements, invitations, thank you cards, and more. We do everything involving stationary with Minted. We even love their prints and are thinking of getting a few framed for our house!

But back to holiday cards. What I love about working with Minted is their free recipient addressing! That saves us so much time and they look so pretty! We also usually spring for the return addressing and this year we opted for personalized stamps as well! Our cards look so pretty and uniformed! Type A people unite!

Minted has SO many great options for holiday cards! These were some of my favorites:

It was really hard to choose this year. Our first holiday card as a family of three is so special and something I know I will cherish forever so it felt like a lot of pressure! Thankfully with Minted you can’t go wrong. Every card is gorgeous, and so sweet!

Here are a few tips I have on taking and choosing babies first holiday card:

For taking the pictures:

  • Keep your expectations low (babies notoriously do not cooperate when you want them to but sometimes you will get the best picture you didn’t expect to get)
  • Make sure to have one of you and your husband too!
  • Don’t stress about the clothes. We took our photos in the comfiest clothes and took some of them with our phones. They turned out amazing!
  • Remember to keep it fun.
  • Do it early enough so you aren’t stressed out about ordering and sending them out
  • Consider the location and weather
  • Just smile and enjoy it

For choosing the card:

  • First I just looked through all the pages.
  • Then I decided I wanted something with three photo options so I filtered that
  • Use the filters, it helps narrow things down
  • Open tabs with cards you think you may like
  • Go through those tabs and close out the ones that you only sort of like
  • I was left with about 5
  • Once I did that my husband and I looked together and got it down to 2
  • Then one just jumped out at me and I knew that was it!
  • My biggest advice for choosing the card is knowing that any card you choose with Minted you will LOVE. I have never not loved a card!!

I love that Minted has SO many options for different amounts of photos, different layouts, even being able to include a picture or message on the back. This year we did a message on the back with a little family update. I think that’s a super cute idea especially for people you send cards to that you don’t see or talk to often. I also think it adds a little extra special touch.

I have to rave a little more about the recipient addressing. So when it started a few years back we uploaded all the addresses and every year we go through and change people who have moved or add new friends in etc. IT IS SO EASY! Even during the year when I need someone’s address quickly, I login to my Minted account and find the address. So I highly highly suggest taking the time to do it. If you have addresses in an excel spreadsheet you can upload them directly!

I also wanted to show you the last few years of our holiday cards and a little preview of this year…

(sorry guys we don’t show Liam’s face)

Please let me know if you have any questions about Minted. We have done all of our holiday cards and even Liam’s birth announcements with them and I can’t say enough amazing things!

Thank you Minted for partnering on this post. 

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  1. Adorable birthday cards. It’ll be so nice to look back on them in the future! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 12.9.17
  2. I’ll have to try Minted this year! How long does it take for them to ship it to you?

    Published 12.9.17
  3. Congratulations !!
    I love the Christmas Baby Announcement – it is precious

    Published 12.9.17
  4. Jaz wrote:

    I love these! I haven’t started sending annual holiday cards out yet, but I will definitely keep Minted in mind when I do start.

    Published 12.9.17
  5. This is awesome, adorable, and helpful! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Published 12.10.17
  6. Hope wrote:

    Minted has so many great options for holiday cards!

    Hope | Miss Hope Elizabeth

    Published 12.10.17
  7. christy wrote:

    This is such an important tradition! My most treasured item is a book that contains our Fam Xmas card every year since my oldest kiddo was born!

    Published 12.11.17
  8. These family cards came out gorgeous. I love the precious memories that they captured that can be enjoyed for years to come.

    Published 12.11.17