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First Trimester Must Haves + Thoughts

Pregnancy · May 3, 2019

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Hard to believe I am nearing the end of the first trimester.ย  I feel like everyone told me with the second pregnancy it flies by, but this trimester really did not LOL. Partly because we found out SO EARLY – 3 weeks 4 days! Also because I had to keep it a secret for another 5 weeks and then I have been really sick. I am anxiously awaiting the burst of energy that comes with the second trimester. When I was pregnant with Liam I wrote a little about my first trimester must haves but I want to share a little more in depth and a look at some notes I took before I announced. I do not plan to do weekly or even monthly updates as for me pregnancy is just such a personal time. I don’t LOVE being pregnant (aside from baby kicks which I can’t wait for). I Had a really hard time my first pregnancy with my body changing so I feel eh about writing about it so much. Nonetheless here are my first trimester must haves + thoughts.

First Trimester Must Haves + Thoughts

Clothes: I mostly wear the same stuff. Nike tempo shorts, t-shirts, workout tanks, Lululemon align pants, pullovers, etc. I have a few Roller Rabbit dresses that are not maternity but will definitely work throughout the warmer months! Baby girl has already started to show her appearance. I guess the second one does show earlier! I will say that with Liam, I really didn’t LOVE maternity clothes. I mostly wore non maternity and sized up a size or two. It’s a personal preference but the only real maternity clothes I liked were denim shorts and jeans.

Beauty: I am doing a HUGE post coming up on pregnancy safe beauty/skincare but I am still using most of what I used before. One thing I am really loving is my First Aid Beauty Oatmeal mask! My skin has been doing really crazy weird stuff (thanks hormones) and this mask has been a lifesaver!ย  I am also getting regular facials with my girl Marilee at fresh faces! If you are in DFW highly suggest seeing her!

Random: Peppermints, and mints of any kind! You can buy these in bulk on Amazon-highly suggest. I have preggy pops but I don’t feel like they help as much. I have been using two apps to follow along and see what’s happening with the babe week to week. Just like with Liam I am using the What To Expect App and The Bump. I am not really reading any books but plan to reread 12 hours of sleep by 12 weeks before baby girl comes.

Thoughts and notes: I gained 70 lbs with Liam and it was a really big struggle for me. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that this time. I wasn’t allowed to work out till week 9 almost, I wasn’t even allowed to go on walks! So no exercise meant very little burning off all the junk I ate. I have tried to make better decisions this go but baby girl seems to ONLY want carbs and crap. One big craving I have had is fruit and fruit smoothies so I am trying to really embrace that as much as I can. I know that even if I gain 100 lbs I can get it off. I just have a really hard time with body image. With Liam, one of the reasons I didn’t post bump photos, etc is that I just didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin.ย  Anyways some days you drink smoothies and eat apple slices and some days you eat bagels and mac and cheese. Balance.

I am able to work out now and I am doing a mix of walking, barre classes, and cardio/weights at the gym. I think every woman’s body just does what it’s going to do to keep baby safe and healthy.

If you are newly pregnant I hope a few of these first trimester must haves help you out too!

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  • 20 thoughts on “First Trimester Must Haves + Thoughts

    1. Stephanie

      I had so many peppermints during the first trimester with both of my kids, too! They were a lifesaver. Another app I suggest to all pregnant women is Count the Kicks. You don’t need it yet, but it saved my youngest son because I knew something wasn’t right with his movement and had an emergency cesarean because he wasn’t moving.

    2. Heather

      I didn’t have kids so I have no idea what this would be like but I can imagine! I don’t think I would spend the money on maternity clothes either but I would not wear tight t-shirts like I see everyone doing these days!

    3. Marjie Mare

      I remember those days. For my first daughter, I spent so much on maternity clothes, but for the second one, I only bought maternity clothes at the end of my pregnancy when nothing else fits.

    4. Ave

      Comfortable clothes are a must for me during pregnancy! I would love to read the post about pregnancy-safe beauty and skincare products. I used almost the same products before and during pregnancy, but I’m sure there are much better alternatives.

    5. Nicole Gilbert

      I found that with my second and third while I did have more energy in the second trimester, it was nearly enough. Probably because I was chasing after toddlers.

    6. aisasami

      What a good post for those who are experiencing their first trimester. I never had a baby but I know friends who are or have and they can relate to this post.

    7. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I always gained a lot with all my pregnancies. It was a struggle to lose the excess weight after giving birth. But lack of sleep and caring for a newborn definitely helped!

    8. April

      This is such a helpful list! I always thought the first trimester was the roughest! And I lived on peppermints to help with the nausea I had from morning sickness.

    9. Clarice

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thank you for sharing your story. We’re actually TTC and reading mommy posts about their pregnancy makes me excited and nervous. Also, thank you for the tips!

    10. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      The first trimester is always filled with worry and anxiety. I experienced that with all my three pregnancies, especially the first one. It will pass though and after you feel your baby’s first kick, you know everything will be just fine.

    11. Courthey

      Oooo so many great must haves!!! I never knew peppermint was a popular thing for newly prego mamas

    12. Christa

      These are all great recommendations. My youngest is only three but it feels like itโ€™s been forever since that pregnancy. I definitely wore comfy clothes the whole time.


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