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Pregnancy Favorites So Far

Life · Pregnancy · August 25, 2016

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I am 15 weeks pregnant today! I feel like the first 8 or 9 weeks went at a snails pace and now it seems to be speeding up a lot. I am finally starting to look a little more pregnant than just like I’m putting on weight in my mid section. I have acquired a lot of pregnancy related items over the past couple of months. Some gifts, some suggestions from friends, and some suggestions from other bloggers. I figured I would compile a little list.


Pregnancy Favorites So Far

I have about 5 pregnancy related books, but the two I have loved the most are Your Pregnancy Week By Week which is a lot less daunting than What To Expect. The other is The Panic Free Pregnancy which was recommended to me by my nurse at my Doctor’s office. They are both really easy to navigate and make me feel a lot more at ease without being overwhelming.

I actually got a Snoogle during IVF because my stomach was so swollen from shots that it was hard to sleep. So the doctor told me to get one! I didn’t pull it out again till this past week when I basically wasn’t sleeping due to discomfort. I am a back sleeper, and since I am not supposed to sleep on my back and don’t feel super comfy on my side it’s been a challenge. I wake up a ton but once I started using the Snoogle my sleep improved 10 fold. It’s not a gimmick! It works!

I do not have any stretch marks yet and if I can help it I will not. I bought the Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter and it’s very thick and has no smell, which is awesome. It makes my stomach feel super soft. Hopefully I can keep those stretch marks at bay!

I have had a lot of food obsessions, but salty has been a mainstay. These pretzel crisps are a huge favorite and I could probably eat an entire bag at once if left alone.

I have had two Bubba Water Bottles I got at Target about a year, but I have been SO THIRSTY the past month that I didn’t realize how much I would love them. They are huge and hold 32oz of water. I drink about 3-4 a day. They also fit in my cup holders in my car which is amazing. I don’t go anywhere without them!

Sore boobs mean I need comfy things. So these sleep shirts from Forever 21 are amazing. You can wear them as a sleep dress, but I still wear sleep shorts with them. They are huge and comfy. A small is actually big on me, so size down! Speaking of sore boobs, bralettes are basically all I wear. My two favorites are the Nordstrom Lingerie brand and this one from Calvin Klein.

I have tons of pairs of Lululemon High Times Pants which have a higher waist a huge band. Almost as if they were made for pregnancy! They have been perfect to wear to the gym to workout in. Regular workouts, yoga, barre, everything! They are the best!

I would love to know what your pregnancy favorites were when you were pregnant or if you have any suggestions for things I should check out!

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  • 27 thoughts on “Pregnancy Favorites So Far

    1. Kristin Cook

      That pillow is something I had not seem before, until last night on Insta stories. It was just a pic of the pillow though, and I was trying to figure out how you were supposed to lay in it. haha. Now I know 😉

    2. Jackie

      The second trimester has gone by so much faster than my first! I’m 24 weeks tomorrow! Love my snoogle..I keep rolling on my back during the night, so it helps keep me on my side. I also can’t get enough cold water lately…it’s gotta be cold though!

    3. Tawni

      Definitely the pillow! We even named mine (Francesco) and I still use him (see!? I called my pillow “him”!) 2 years postpartum! My husband tries to steal him sometimes so I might just have to get another one, lol!

    4. Paige @ An Uncomplicated Life Blog

      I used Burt’s Bees mama butter for both my babies and had ZERO stretch marks! Now, many say it’s genetic so who knows if it works as a product or not, but I loved the way it made my skin feel and when you get bigger, your tummy will get super itchy as your skin stretches. That butter helped calm the itchies too! Sadly, I hated all pregnancy pillows. At 5’10 nothing was long enough for me… They look awesome though!

    5. Tami

      The snoogle is a must have when pregnant. I was fatigued during my pregnancy and didn’t sleep well at all. The snoogle also relieved my hip pain somewhat.

    6. MissLilly

      First of all congratulations!!!! It must be such an exciting and scary time for you (at least to me it is!). I’m 39 weeks now, and I ended up not buying any pregnancy clothes, because my belly never showed much until pretty much now. I didn’t bought the sleeping pillow, but on the last 3 weeks I’ve started to slip with a regular pillow in the middle of my legs – just not sure how to handle hip pain. I did bought a nursing pillow, since most of my friends say it will become really useful. The only pregnancy book I have is the hypnobirthing one which I found really useful. I’ve also enjoyed the yoga pregnancy classes quite a lot! All the best for the next months ahead. Each day body will be changing so each day is a new discovery 🙂

    7. Emily

      I have been looking for a great water bottle and the Bubba looks like it’s fun yet extremely functional. If I have the water bottle next to me, I am sure to drink my ounces for the day! 😀 And I am going to be bookmarking these suggestions to reference back when the time comes…

    8. lola

      Congrats on your pregnancy! i have a 7 month old baby girl and loving it. Some things i loved while pregnant were chipotle, cold stone ice-cream, the pregnancy pillow, sweatpants, my toms shoes. I had that exact pillow and loved it, i still have it now in my closet and use it during prayer time but its so amazing, hubby thinks its weird cause it didn’t give much cuddle room for us haha


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