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May 2019 Goals

Inspire · Life · May 1, 2019

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Happy May! I won’t lie as much as I love April with Andrew and my birthdays I am kind of glad it’s over! Our allergies were awful all month and I mostly felt like crap. But alas it’s time to share May goals and take a look at how I did in April.

May 2019 Goals

In April I wanted to:

  • Read 5 books: I read 4 in favor of more sleep
  • Feel good about my body (struggling a bit right now): Being pregnant I don’t feel great about it
  • Drink more water! I recently got this and I am hoping it helps. I really feel like I’ve been doing well with water
  • Have two dates with Andrew We didn’t have much luck here as someone was just constantly feeling not great in our house but we had a lot of good fun nights watching our shows together at home. We went to Liam’s school auction this past weekend too!
  • Finish cleaning out our guest room closet I made a good dent but goodness there’s a lot and we need to clean it asap!
  • Get all blog content for April written and scheduled Yes and I made a ton of headway into May
  • Get ahead on photos with my photographer yes Jenny is the best!
  • Post at least 14 times to Instagram -It’s just not my favorite Oh gosh no not even close.
  • Grow Pinterest to 28K Trucking along and getting closer
  • Take Liam to the park more now that it’s getting warmer We played outside a TON! Our park actually got renovated so it was closed most of the month
  • Go on more family walks We didn’t 🙁 it was raining SO MUCH and I wasn’t allowed to go for walks until I hit 8 weeks!

In May I want to:

  • Read 5 books
  • Finish the guest room closet
  • Paint the guest room- or at least get stuff ready to paint it
  • Take 5 barre classes
  • Try one new meal
  • Treat a friend or family member to coffee/lunch
  • Get Liam ready for his summer program
  • Go on one date with Andrew- trying to be more realistic

I am trying to be a little more realistic this month just knowing how last month went. There is NOTHING wrong with having a month that things just don’t get done or that is a bit of a fail. Just remember that friends 🙂

What is one of your May 2019 Goals?

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  • 16 thoughts on “May 2019 Goals

    1. Alexis Hoselton

      I want to get April posts written out and scheduled too! I don’t read often anymore but that is something I can make as a goal! These are all really great idea’s to make for May. I want to go on a picnic with the family!

    2. Stephanie

      Even though you didn’t meet all the goals, you still had a productive month! You can’t predict when you won’t be feeling well, what the weather will do, or that the park would be closed. Also, you are growing another human, that’s a huge accomplishment in itself! I hope May is a bit better for you all.

    3. Fran Jorgensen

      I just love the vibes of your blog. This is such a great way to keep accountable to your goals, too often I get caught up with the routine and feel that I don’t get anything done.

    4. Amanda @ All Day Active Life

      These are some great goals! I love how they’re so well-rounded and they encompass different areas of your life. We try to make a new meal every month too — we’ve found some great ones!

    5. Leona Martin

      Great goals! My goals are a bit strange….. get new heat pump installed in the house, find a tree person to take down a tree, drive to CT to get my daughter all packed up for summer vacation from college (9 hour drive), and deal with being summoned for Jury duty in our county for two months. UGH! You have better goals than I do…

    6. Lauren McAdam

      I love how you set these goals each month and then evaluate them! I have to start doing that. One of my goals this month is to post on Instagram more to build my photography business.

    7. aisasami

      My May goals are to cleaning my apartment and getting ready for my sister to stay at my place for the summer. I also want to keep growing my website and finish the 10x Rule.

    8. Guido Villamizar

      Hey, Neely

      Loving your recommendations! I agree with you, sometimes is better just keeping it real with your monthly expectations. For me, May will be all about making connections with other entrepreneurs through social media. I don’t think there’s a point with having just branded social media nowadays. The goal’s to make it more human, I would absolutely LOVE if you could take a look and give me some feedback.

      Here are our social media (choose your favorite):





    9. pooja Malkani

      First! I am glad to see that you already have your list ready. I hardly plan for a day forget a month but i am trying since this makes me more organized. Second, I feel that you have a great list there and hope you are able to get to it. Good luck

    10. Bree

      We want to go on more walks too. Unfortunately the rain really has been heavy this past month so next month should be better here!

    11. Melanie williams

      Seems like you have a lot of goals for may. I also have my office to paint so looking for colour palates as we speak xx

    12. David Elliott

      Sorry you didn’t get the dates you were looking for. Here’s to hoping you have a better month next month. And congrats on getting to more water. When I drink more, it really does help.

    13. Michael Smith

      I think this is an informative post and it is very useful and knowledgeable. therefore, I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.


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