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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Ladies

Holiday Gift Guide · December 3, 2019

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I honestly don’t think I am hard to shop for but my husband would disagree. I polled a few of my girlfriends and they said they had the hardest time thinking of things to ask for. So this post, my holiday gift guide for the ladies is here to give you some ideas on gifts you yourself could ask for!

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Ladies

One thing that always makes a great gift is a handbag. Bonus if it’s a handbag with a cute small monogram. I LOVE this style from Mark and Graham. It’s the perfect size for every day and would hold anything you need. It comes in great colors and the price is on point.

I love Capri Blue candles and I know most women do too! I always have one of these on my list and this year it would be great to get one since Liam has broken 2 of them haha.

Take a cozy blanket and add in the animal print trend happening right now and you get a great gift idea that will look amazing on your sofa or bed!

I think a nice pair of slippers makes a great gift. Maybe that’s just the 35 year old in me. But Ugg slippers are ALWAYS a good gift idea. These are one of my favorite styles and they have tons of color options.

Something that’s always nice to have but never fun to buy yourself are pajamas. Lake Pajamas to me are the softest best pajamas out there. They are so pretty and so flattering and you never want to take them off.

Very few things are as luxurious to me as really nice quality picture frames. I know for us we change our photos out constantly (hello 2 cute kids) so I love having a pretty picture frame to be the center of our decor. This one is SO pretty and under $100.

I love a good cute pair of sunglasses and these cat eye ones are TOO fun! Plus they are only $55!

I love my silk pillowcase and it really has made a huge difference in my skin and hair. So if you are on the fence ask for one for Christmas!

One thing I asked for last year was a robe and I am so glad I did! This is such a great option under $80 and so soft.

I hope this holiday gift guide for the ladies gave you some good ideas on either things to ask for or things to give!

What is something on your holiday shopping list?

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  • 14 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: For The Ladies

    1. GiGi Eats

      I am having trouble coming up with gifts for – ME! hahahah! My husband is so mad at me cause I am the hardest person to buy things for – but that’s legit because… I DONT WANT ANYTHING – lol!

    2. Roamy

      These are brilliant tips, shopping for Christmas gifts can be hard, not knowing what everyone will appreciate and love. I tend to look for presents that can be used long after the festive season is over and will sure check the ladies handbag for myself.
      thanks for sharing.

    3. Stephanie

      Yep, I would be good with almost all of these! My sunglasses are prescription, so I can’t get just any pair. And I do oils instead of candles. But those slippers and that robe and the blanket! Yes, please! They look so cozy and perfect for winter weather.

    4. Brandy

      I love your holiday gift guide for the ladies. This is a fantastic list of ideas to gift to that special lady in your life! I know I like some of these.

    5. Patricia Chamberlain

      I’d love to get any of these things. PJ’s are my favorite gift to get. In the winter, if I don’t have to leave the house, I simply change into fresh PJ’s instead of getting dressed, so I need a lot of them!

    6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      Those pajamas really look comfy and perfect for curling up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. I need to shop for new pajamas and I think I found the perfect brand. Thank you so much for letting me know.

    7. Flossie McCowald

      Honestly, I need a new clock radio. I like waking to NPR in the morning, but the lights are literally burning out on my old one, and the analog tuner is not nearly as good when storms pass through as a digital one would be…I already have most of what is on your list, else I’d be asking for those, too!


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