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December 2019 Goals

Inspire · Life · December 2, 2019

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Happy December! Hard to believe this is the last month of 2019. In some ways this year flew by and in other ways, it seemed to drag. I want to share my December 2019 goals and a look back at November. This month’s goals are a little different since we have a newborn but I have to still have some goals.

December 2019 Goals

In November I wanted to…

  • Have a baby (can that count?) I kid: well I did indeed have a baby. She is perfection!
  • Rest and relax: Eh is that a thing? I mean I try but it’s hard.
  • Do some fun 1:1 things with Liam: Yes I am so grateful to have time with him and Andrew home so that I can do a few 1:1 things with him each day.
  • Read 2 books: FAIL. I am way too tired for any extra reading right now. I have read half a book.
  • Finish packing my hospital bag: Yes I did that!
  • Go easy on myself these last 3 weeks: I did that. I rested a lot!
  • Get the house prepped and organized for baby: we did and I am so glad we did.
  • Assemble play mat, bouncer, and get the car seat installed: Yep all happened.
  • Get 10 more posts written and scheduled: Yes I am scheduled through mid-March now.

In December I want to…

  • Read 1 book (lofty goal with a newborn)
  • Take Liam to do at least 3-4 special Christmas things (Polar Express, Visit Santa, Pancakes with Santa, see lights, Arboretum)
  • Mail our holiday cards/birth announcements
  • Take daily walks with Charlotte
  • Eat healthy
  • Enjoy this sweet newborn phase
  • Help Liam adjust to the new baby as much as possible

What is one of your December 2019 Goals?

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  • 12 thoughts on “December 2019 Goals

    1. Stephanie

      Having a newborn definitely changes things! Awesome job on being scheduled out through March, that’s quite an accomplishment and will let you really soak in the new baby goodness right now.

    2. Tom

      Congrats on having the baby! Reading can surely be a task with a newborn. We have three little ones, and the only reading that gets done is to them reading stories. But they love the time together. Eating healthy is surely on my list for this month also.

    3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      Your December goals seem doable. Wishing you all the best and enjoy all the cuddles you can get with both your kids!

    4. Flossie McCowald

      Hahahahahahaha goals??? No seriously – you just had a BABY and your goals put me to shame! I suppose, now that my mama is at last back home after coming to stay w/us for 2 mos while she got her shoulder replaced, tops on my list are reclaiming her former bedroom as my home office, and otherwise surviving the chaos of our new deck being built – much furniture etc to move and rearrange in the next few days when they open the exterior walls into our living room, and then to rearrange back again when they’ve got the new doors/windows in and the mess cleaned up! 🙂

    5. Christa

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are ambitious with your goal setting and I admire that about you so much. Wishing you a beautiful month with your family.

    6. di

      One of my goals is to actually send the holiday cards before it’s too late. It’s been on my to-do list for a week! I feel like time is running out, and my to-do list keeps getting longer!


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