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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Mom

Holiday Gift Guide · November 19, 2018

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I think sometimes the hardest person to shop for is the person we are often times closest with, our moms. My mom is pretty tough to shop for as is my mother-in-law. Now that I am a mom too I wanted to share some gifts I have given to them and gifts I personally love to receive. Gifts for mom are a must so I hope these help!

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Mom

One of my favorite things to gift is a throw blanket. I feel like you can never have too many and people love them! This one from Nordstrom is perfect! It comes in 5 colors too!

My mother-in-law LOVES picture frames. This would be the perfect gift for her or anyone you know who loves displaying pictures all over.

I got my mom pretty into Lululemon and the Align pants are everyone’s favorite. They are a fool proof gift to give.

Any mom wants to feel pampered and La Mer products are a great way to do that.

Another great way to feel pampered is a jade or rose quartz roller! This set has both!

Who wouldn’t want to receive a new pair of cozy slippers? A great gift to give anyone!

Nest makes amazing products. Their holiday candles are my favorite ever and their diffusing sets are great gifts to give. Even my dad loves them!

If you have gifts for mom ideas I would love for you to leave them below!


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  • 40 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Mom

    1. Denise

      these are good ideas, moms usually end up getting household gift 😂😂😂 which are not bad at all but sometimes its good to get gifts for them as well, I love th e idea of cozy slippers.

    2. Jheelam

      The candle set is everything <3. My mom loves fragrances and she'd love it for sure. Thank you for sharing your tips. This is a well thought-out gift guide. 🙂

    3. Rhonda

      I am such a sucker for candles , oil warmers, diffusers. Anything that’ll make my house smell good basically. I’m actually gonna send that link to hubby 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    4. Joshua

      My mom loves lulu lemon, so this pants would be perfect for her. Fall back plan is a picture frame with our picture in it 😉

    5. Lois Alter Mark

      I am so with you when it comes to the throw blanket and cozy slippers. Any gift that helps me get through the winter is a success in my book! Hoping all of the moms get everything they want this holiday season!

    6. Christa

      FYI, you made a typo in your post title. It should say “Gifts for Christa.” Seriously, I want everything on this list. 😂🤣

    7. Jeannette

      YES! You guys had me at the UGG slippers! Thank you for the links. My husband cannot think outside the box, so he really likes when I can tell him exactly what I want. I am sharing a few of these links right after this!

    8. Sarah Stockley

      My mum loves throws, blankets and cushions so I love these ideas. She is pretty easy to shop for. She also loves slippers and cosy sweaters so I will have to start having a browse soon.

    9. Sania

      I am in Dubai and my mom back in India… I was thinking of some gifting idea certainly some of these will not ship to our country but I can definately take some ideas from your guide.

    10. Joanna

      Who doesn’t love holiday candles? I think they are a brilliant gift, especially that these days the good ones are not cheap. A pair of cute and comfy slippers is also an excellent idea for a gift.

    11. Megan

      These are great ideas. I have always struggled with what to buy my mother. IT doesn’t help that her Birthday is so close to Christmas. I do love to get her blankets and candles though. Thank you for the ideas.

    12. Geraline Batarra

      I want to add more smiles with my mom on this coming Christmas day and I think it is better for me to give her a gift that she can able to use everyday. Thanks for sharing this gifts ideas with us.


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