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How I’ve Been Working Out At Home During Social Distancing

Fitness and Health · Sponsored Post · April 27, 2020

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One thing that did not worry me about social distancing and changing up the way we do things was working out at home. I have written TONS of blog posts all about working out at home and it’s something that I have been doing for years. Yes, I love the gym and my barre studio but I knew I had the capabilities to work out at home. If this is an area you have been struggling with don’t worry! I have got you covered today. I am sharing all about how I’ve been working out at home during social distancing.

How I’ve Been Working Out At Home During Social Distancing

Cardio: This is the time I really miss our elliptical. We had an elliptical in our old house but we ended up giving it to the new owners because it was SO hard to move downstairs! So I have been doing LOTS of walks with the family, sometimes more than once a day. I have been walking inside when the weather is bad (to get my 10K steps) and sometimes I will go for runs.

Toning:  We have a weight set so I have been doing lots of weights. I also do Pure Barre on Demand 4-5 times a week for toning. I have done a few OBE fitness workouts and some Beach Body workouts too! There are endless options for workouts to do online right now. Plus a TON of studios are offering live classes via Instagram and Facebook as well!

Yoga: I have always LOVED yoga and I love doing yoga early in the morning before everyone is awake. I will take my mat in the living room and do a 20-30 minute SarahBethYoga workouts via Youtube. These are so great to start the day and get a good stretch in.

One thing that has really kept me motivated to keep up with my at-home workouts is getting myself some cute clothes! Since not only am I doing workouts but I am basically living in workouts clothes all the time It seemed like a great investment. I grabbed another pair of my favorite adidas running shoes, and my favorite adidas tights. They are so great and I feel great in them while I am still trying to get back to my pre-baby size! I feel like putting on something you feel good in not only makes you feel good but gives you the motivation!

Have you been working out at home? What have you been doing?


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  • 13 thoughts on “How I’ve Been Working Out At Home During Social Distancing

    1. Erin

      I have been doing yoga every day almost as well. I am busy with the Yoga With Adriene – Home 30 Day challenge. I find if I don’t do some kind of physical activity my insomnia kicks in quite hard.

    2. Stephanie

      I actually started more of a workout routine since we’ve been at home. I feel like I’ve actually had the time to put in lately and now plan to keep it part of my routine. My husband and I have been doing the Morning Meltdown 100 on Beachbody for a couple of weeks now. It’s tough, but it feels so good! Then I do a yoga stretch in the evenings after the kids go to bed. I’ve basically been living in workout clothes, too!

    3. Fatima Torres

      Making time for yourself during social distancing is important. I love that you’ve been able to squeeze working out into your schedule. It’s a good way to relieve stress.

    4. Joline

      You’ve done great! Our CrossFit gym has been sending out at-home workouts we can do so we do those. But I’ve also discovered a few yoga and barre channels on YouTube which have been awesome.

    5. Holly

      This is great. I think its important to keep doing those things that we do for our bodies through this, even if they have to be adjusted.

    6. Melanie williams

      I have been doing the same. It is not the same as hitting a gym or going for a swim, but it is good to keep motivated for sure xx

    7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I have been working out at home too. Since I can’t go out and do my daily walking exercise, I make up for it by doing simple, low impact exercises at home. I have to keep the energy level up or else, I’d be packing in the pounds with all these snacking I’ve been doing!

    8. Nati

      That’s awesome that you could keep your workout routine at home! I have been working out at home too, but it was not the same for me. You see, I’m a weightlifter, I was lifting 200 and pushing 250lbs in the gym. There is no way I can train that hard at home. I do some cardio and guided workouts, but I’m visibly losing muscular mass after 7 weeks… it’ll be tough to gain that back!

    9. Kari

      I think working out during this time has really helped me with my sleep and energy levels during the day. I do yoga (Yoga with Adriene on YouTube) and spend 20-30 minutes on my treadmill. I’ve really noticed a difference too after I started doing it at the very beginning of my day instead of the end. I’m learning so much about myself and my body throughout this process…there are so many things we can be grateful for during a time of being kept at home!


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