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5 Things You Should Do To Ready Your Family For Anything

Life · Sponsored Post · April 23, 2020

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So with everything going on right now, I realized how unprepared we easily could have been. I am thankful we were pretty prepared and are for most situations. I do want to share 5 things you should do to ready your family for anything. Hopefully, these things are just good safety nets though!

5 Things You Should Do To Ready Your Family For Anything

  • Have a will: This is something Andrew and I really need to finalize. You probably think “I’m young and healthy so that is something I don’t need to worry about now.” Well, we never know what tomorrow will bring. There are easy basic wills you can do online and just having something in writing will really give you peace of mind.

  • Have life insurance: Something EVERYONE needs to have. Using something like Policygenius you can find the right life insurance to fit you and your family’s needs. They’ve helped over 100,000 families figure out life insurance and get it set up! What Policygenius does is put all of America’s top-rated insurers right on their website for you to easily see and read about. Licensed experts give you unbiased advice based on your situation and needs. They are an independent broker so they aren’t giving you a sales pitch which is really nice. You want to have the right life insurance policy and that’s what they are there to do! I know for us it’s really helpful to see so many policies laid out. Since I work for myself it has been super helpful for me to be able to compare so that in the awful event something were to happen to me my family is taken care of. Obviously, it’s not something we want to think about but we have to. Policygenius can make it easy and painless. The buying process is VERY easy as well! you can get life insurance for a super reasonable amount and really find what works for you the best vs having to buy something that doesn’t fit your exact needs.
  • Have supplies in your house: With everything going on in our world these last MANY weeks having certain supplies in your house is imperative. Basic things like a flashlight, first aid kit, tools, and extra chargers. Then you have water, extra diapers and wipes, toilet paper, soaps, toiletries, and more. Not to mention having food! Make sure you always have enough supplies in the event you can’t leave your house for a few days.
  • Have a backup plan for kids: This is a situation that if you don’t have kids you may not need but always have a backup plan if you need care for your kids. If you can’t pick them up from school, or need emergency care ASAP. I am very fortunate that my mom lives close by as do a few friends. Just have a plan and a plan B in case you need someone to help with kids at the last minute.

  • Have important documents handy: This is important for everyone. Someone needs to know where your important documents are: insurance, bank info, mortgage, etc. Make sure your spouse has login info and account info. If you do not have a significant other have a parent or a trusted friend have the info or know where to find it.

Obviously things like this seem ominous but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I think knowing and being prepared makes everyone feel more at ease in life.

How do you feel? Do you feel more prepared after reading this?

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Thank you to Policygenius for partnering on this post. 

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  • 11 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Do To Ready Your Family For Anything

    1. Elizabeth O

      I agree that we all ought to spend time to make sure we have addressed everything so loved ones are fully protected in a catastrophe. Each day is truly a blessed gift.

    2. chad

      Amazing tips especially during these uncertain times!!! we dont’ have kids but we’re taking a lot of precautions just in case the worst happened.

    3. Stephanie

      Yep, we have all of this in place, too! My husband and I made wills when we had children, and also got life insurance when I was first pregnant. The wills were updated after our second child since they are named in it with their guardians (the MOST IMPORTANT PART if you have children). For logins, bank info, etc. I keep a flash drive in our safe and update it a few times per year with scans of important documents, spreadsheets with bills, logins, and that type of thing. No, the documents aren’t official, but it at least has the info easy to get while you find the official copies.

    4. Bree

      This was such an eye opening post! I really need to take this advice and better prepare! Thank you for the info!

    5. Stephanie

      These are truly such important things to remember like the insurance and having back up plan for the children. Sometimes we think we don’t have to prepare for such things because it might not even happen but then we scramble in the last minute looking for solutions. Taking this time in isolation is the perfect time to sort the things we used to not have time for.

    6. Natalie

      I definitely think about the future and try to be ready for all scenarios. I love these tips from you. They somehow eased my mind.

    7. Kari

      I think this whole situation has helped reinforce preparedness. I never once thought about toilet paper (luckily we had plenty after a sale awhile back). I think non-perishable foods and meat is something I want to focus on more. Stocking up the deep freeze will probably be something I do more of now!


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