How To Spend A Wellness Day

Several months ago one of my best friends and I had what we call a “wellness day.” We try to have them as often as we can but ever since then I really wanted to share them with you all and explain how to spend a wellness day to really feel rejuvenated. Life can get so busy and chaotic and we all need a little time to focus on wellness.


wellness day

How To Spend A Wellness Day

Something active: This doesn’t have to be crazy. We have done walks and we have done intense workout classes. Just something active to move your body.

Something just for YOU: Truly anything. Do you want to go shopping? Drive around? Just sit and read? Something for YOU!

Something that’s a treat: For me this is usually a mani/pedi. I find it so relaxing and love when I get to go with a friend too. This also could be a day at the spa, a foot rub, a facial, etc.

Something for your body: So we have done cryotherapy, and we have done infrared saunas. Both are fun, and great for you and really great for your overall wellness.

Something yummy: I almost always opt for a smoothie. I love to get coffee out too. Just a fun little yummy treat.


These are just the things I love to do but if you are looking for either a great way to spend a day alone or a fun way to spend some time with a friend you will love having a wellness day!

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