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How To Stay Healthy While Social Distancing

Fitness and Health · May 4, 2020

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It’s hard to believe this has been our reality for nearly two months now. When I first heard about social distancing and staying home, one thing that immediately worried me was staying healthy. There are lots of ways to stay healthy while social distancing and I am going to share my favorites and what is working best for me.

How To Stay Healthy While Social Distancing

Walks: One thing you can do while social distancing is going for walks. Weather permitting obviously. We try to get out for at least one walk a day if not many. Fresh air, beautiful weather, and spending time together as a family really helps!

Online Workouts: This is how I have been working out each day. I have been doing Pure Barre on Demand which my studio gave access to for current members. I love it so much I will probably continue it after for days I can’t get to a class. I love that there are a variety of classes, intensities, workout lengths, and focuses. There are TONS of other online workouts right now doing free trials: Peloton, Obe Fitness, Beach Body, and more.

Meal Plan and get creative: I think meal planning is something that has really helped us during this time not only saving money and not having to go to the grocery store as often but also stay healthy. We haven’t had much of a problem finding things we need (aside from one week not being able to find strawberries) which has been nice. I have eaten pretty much the same as before. But you can also get creative with new recipes with the free time you have!

Smart snacking: I feel like it can be really easy to snack a ton when you are just sitting at home. For my 3-year-old, I have designated snack times as they do at his school and I feel like it’s a pretty smart way to do it for me too. I also like to drink a glass of water if I want a snack to see if I really am hungry. We try to only keep healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, hummus, yogurt, pretzels, smart pop, etc in our house.

Take time for yourself: This hasn’t been very easy but a few ways I do this are to do a workout in our bedroom alone, take time to do a face mask, paint my nails, or go on a walk alone. Even at night reading or watching a show alone.

Exercise your brain: I have been reading so much more during this time. Other great ways to exercise your brain are puzzles, word puzzles, games like Boggle, Scategories, Scrabble, etc.

Meditate: I will praise meditation until I am blue in the face because it really works. This is such a time of high anxiety and meditation is a great way to cope with that. I use headspace!

What types of things are you doing to stay healthy while social distancing?


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  • 22 thoughts on “How To Stay Healthy While Social Distancing

    1. Ashly Edmiston

      Yes to all of these! I definitely try to take walks through the neighborhood each day with my family. It helps ease the mind and we aren’t around anybody else.

    2. Sierra Albis

      I love this post! Such great tips. I find with the Covid-19 quarantine I am snacking more than ever. Recently , I have been trying to get outdoors more and enjoy the weather. Super helpful! Thank you

    3. Marguerite

      I couldn’t agree more! We do live in strange times, but these little routines do keep us going. I’m a huge fan of walks (and runs) and online workouts. Love your blog, and stay safe!

    4. Stephanie

      I had to stop my every morning walk because I was walking with a friend, but now we are social distancing. I don’t want to go alone and someone has to stay home with the kids so my husband can’t go with me. But, I did sign up for an online workout program, so my husband and I have been doing that together every morning. We’ve been working on eating healthy as well, and I started scrapbooking and working sudoku puzzles in my spare time.

    5. Marjie Mare

      Those are great tips that I am so thankful that you share with us. Social distancing is really changing our lives.

    6. aisasami

      Online exercising is a new thing for me. I got an app for yoga and have been using it a lot! I also spend an hour at the park nearby, of course, social distancing, but just taking in the day and relaxing.

    7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I try to do some exercise at home, since I can’t do my regular walks outside. It is important that we stay healthy at this point in our lives and I make more vegetable dishes than I ever did before this pandemic started.

    8. Shar

      Yes, we need such tips right now! Staying indoors with social distancing also requires keeping up with self-care.

    9. Misha

      Love these helpful tips! My workout routine hasn’t changed so much since I’ve almost always practiced yoga and pilates at home but I do feel I have time to practice it even more which has been a little nice. I’ve been using this time to reflect a lot and go inward, meditate more, work on my writing.

      I have to say, none of us will come out of this time as we were when we came in.

      Thanks for this post!! Super helpful and relatable!

    10. Holly

      We have been walking around the neighborhood as much as possible lately. My kids ride their bikes and my husband and I walk with them. It’s been a nice break from inside.

    11. Melanie williams

      There are some really good hints and tips here for sure. I hear you on the smart snacking though x

    12. Nati

      In many countries in Europe, going for walks has not been an option for the first 8 weeks! Only now they’ve opened to this possibility, I wouldn’t imagine how those people survived indoors for so long! I would have gone mad. Thank the Lord that wasn’t the case here, and I could go out for long walks!

    13. Christa

      These are such great suggestions to incorporate into my routine. I’ve fallen away from meal planning, but this is such a great reminder to start again.


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