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How We Give Back

Holiday · Inspire · Sponsored Post · November 21, 2018

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With the holidays coming up, I like to reflect on how lucky and blessed we all are, and ways we can give back and help out those in need. We do a few things to give back around this time of year (we do things other times of year too). But today I am focusing on how we give back during the holidays and how you can too!

How We Give Back

Adopt A Child/Family In Need: This is my favorite thing to do and we have done it every year I can remember. I did it growing up with my family and now Andrew and I do it. We adopt a child or family through our local town food pantry. This is our second year doing it this way vs an angel tree at the mall. I like knowing we are helping a child in our community. The child we chose this year is a 3 year old little boy. He is so close to Liam’s age and it really makes me realize how blessed and lucky we are to be able to give Liam SO MUCH. This little boy had needs and wants on his list. His wants were Paw Patrol and PJ Masks items. His needs were pajamas, a jacket, pants, and shirts. So I tried to get him as much of all of that as I could.

Christmas Boxes: I am in a MOPS group at a local church with some of my mom friends, and each table does Christmas boxes. You essentially fill a shoe box with items and surprises for kiddos of all ages. You decide the age you want to do. It’s a really fun thing to do with a group.

Donate Food/Help at a shelter: Shelters and food pantries need more food than ever this time of year so going to a grocery store and buying things they need is a great way to help. I suggest calling your local food pantry and asking what they need! That way they are getting EXACTLY what they need. I know the food pantry near us does a HUGE Christmas dinner when they give everyone their gifts and they always need help with the food. Some places need more help serving food during the holidays when they are more full. I think a great family activity when kids are a little older is to volunteer at shelters together.

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  • 14 thoughts on “How We Give Back

    1. Sangeeta

      Hi, thanks for sharing this information, it’s so good that you are supporting a child or a family. its a very great deed to do. you are such a good human being who cares others for so much.

    2. Heather

      They have these adopt a family opportunities through school and church. I love it! We do the giving trees at our parish and toys for tots, food pantry etc.

    3. Lori Bosworth

      I love the adopt a child in need program because it’s more personal in that you know exactly who you are helping. Good that you had your Adidas gear on for all that running around!

    4. Stephanie

      My sons preschool always has a “giving tree” that we can adopt a child for Christmas gifts so I like to do that. We take the boys to the store and have them help pick toys out for the kids so they can learn about giving too.

    5. Christa

      This is such a great reminder to stay grateful and helpful during the holiday season. Like retailers, so many charities get a large amount of their donations during this season. Volunteering is also a great way to make connections and be part of your community.

    6. Flossie McCowald

      Yes, it’s important to be comfy when getting ready for the holidays! In our family, we try to “help out” a little all year round. For me this means volunteering at my kids’ school every week, and crocheting pocket-sized teddy bears twice a month with a group I founded, that then get delivered to kids in local shelters.

    7. Ellie Plummer

      It’s very important to think back on our blessings and to give during this time of year so I really enjoyed reading this.

    8. Annemarie LeBlanc

      That is an awesome way to give back. I wish we had something like that in our area where we can identify families/children to “adopt.” I am thinking of “adopting” child through World Vision too. Oh, those clothes you are going to give that boy is so nice. I love the jacket. That will keep him warm through the winter.


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