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Liam’s Favorite Thing

Baby/Parenting · Books · Sponsored Post · September 7, 2018

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Ever since he was a few weeks old Liam has been enamored by books. I can remember when we started his bedtime routine of books, it was the only part he was usually awake for. He would sleep through bottles, and blessings, but when books were out he was all there. Today I want to share a bit about Liam’s favorite thing and a book we’ve been LOVING to read to him.

Liam’s Favorite Thing

Liam’s favorite thing is reading, and every night after dinner and bath time we snuggle up in a chair and read books. Usually we let Liam pick but we have a few bedtime books we rotate through, then we read a few others as well. I was sent a copy of Presto & Zesto in Limboland co-authored by Maurice Sendak. He is the author of Where The Wild Things Are if you are thinking the name sounds familiar. That was one book we already had when Liam was born and we read all the time! We knew he loved the story and illustrations. When Maurice Sendak passed away in 2012 his friends kept his foundation devoted to promoting greater public interest in and understanding of the literary, illustrative, and theatrical arts going. Recently they uncovered a never published manuscript and illustrations of Presto & Zesto in Limboland. Well of course we immediately read it to Liam. He LOVED the illustrations pointing things out and paying close attention to the story.

As a child, and even more so as an adult, books are one of my favorite things. Seeing that LOVE of reading and books and stories in my child’s face is the best thing to me. Even throughout the day Liam will take a book off his bookshelf come over to us and say “read read read!” How can you turn that down? You can’t. Sometimes we read the same stories over and over and he is still just as excited as the first time he heard them.

On September 4th, HarperCollins published Presto & Zesto in Limboland, a book discovered years after Maurice Sendak’s passing co-authored with his longtime friend, Arthur Yorinks. Sendak created the illustrations in 1990 to accompany a London Symphony Orchestra performance.  7 years later, the two friends threaded the pictures together with the book’s narrative. It is an homage to their longtime friendship and uses their nicknames for one another (Presto = Arthur, Zesto = Maurice).The story is wonderful and of course the illustrations are most impressive.

We LOVE reading this book to Liam and as soon as we are done he holds it, looks at me and says “read read read!” So we read it again.

Now that I have shared Liam’s favorite thing with you I encourage you to pick up a copy of Presto & Zesto in Limboland on Amazon or support an independent bookstore like Battenkill Books in New York. You can also visit to learn more about the Maurice Sendak Foundation.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Maurice Sendak Foundation. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Liam’s Favorite Thing

    1. candy

      My grandchildren have their favorite jammies they love to wear. It is wonderful to see children enjoy books so much. They grow up to be wonderful readers.

    2. Catherine Sargent

      I will have to get a copy of Presto & Zesto in Limboland for my little nephew. He will turn 2 in a couple of weeks and he already loves books.

    3. Joline

      It’s wonderful how babies and toddlers can already have favourite books eh?? My niece is the same. She asks her mom to read the same book over and over. I’d show this to her I bet she’ll love it too.

    4. Pam

      Sounds like such a cute book. I think reading to your kids, no matter what age, is one of the best gifts you can give them and yourself. Some of my favorite memories of my Dad was when he read to us.

    5. Peter

      I think my daughter would really enjoy this. She has really started to like settling down with me and reading a great vook

    6. Sara Strand

      When my son was little his FAVORITE book was called “Easy Street”. It was all about how a street is made and he would make me read it several times every night. I think I can still recite it almost word for word and it’s been 7 years!

    7. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I believe my toddler aged grandchildren would love this book. If only they would sit still and not turn the pages before I am done reading. Haha.

    8. CourtneyLynne

      Awwwwwwww love that he loves to read! My daughter was the same way. Started to love books at a really young age

    9. Dogvills

      This book looks like a good one to get for parents with young children. My kids are much older now, and yes, they love to read! I will recommend this book to friends and family, and maybe pick up a copy or two to give to my sweet little nieces.


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