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Must Have Baby Items At 15 Months

Baby/Parenting · May 30, 2018

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How is my child 15 months already!? He will actually be 16 months on the 13th, although when someone asks I just say 1 hehe. I wanted to share some of our must have baby items at 15 months. Liam is at an age where he wants to constantly be moving and going and doing!

Must Have Baby Items At 15 Months

Toys: Bubbles are just a win no matter what. Inside, outside, he’s not picky! Mostly we do bubbles outside! For travel we loved the My Quiet Book, which kept Liam busy for a long time on the plane. We also love VTech learning toys like this train, dump trunk, and book! He also loves anything he can stack like blocks and cups. As far as books he is super into the ABC book, Llama Llama books, and Dear Zoo. He also loves these books about birds and weather.

Eating: We love the EZPZ happy mats and the Munchkin 360 cups. Highly suggest both! We use Thrive Market (affiliate link) to order most of Liam’s snack foods too!

Clothes: Our favorite things to dress Liam in for everyday clothes are Nike basketball shorts of Cat and Jack shorts, Cat and Jack or Peek T-shirts, and Natives!

What are some things we should check out?

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  • 19 thoughts on “Must Have Baby Items At 15 Months

    1. Julie

      My two year old daughter loves anything to do with Llama Llama. We have several of the books and she has the Llama Llama stuffed animal. She also loves the Llama Llama show on Netflix. It’s super cute.

    2. Marcie W.

      Great assortment of goodies for little ones! I remember always keeping plenty of durable books around to encourage reading without being able to rip paper pages.

    3. Mary Varville-Rodriguez at World of Writer Mom

      Awesome ideas! I really miss working with children at this age. Seems like it’s been a long time since mine were babies, but every once in a while I still pull out the bubbles. (Never too old for those.) The book recommendations brought back some memories. I enjoyed reading your post today! Your baby is lucky to have you as his mama. Hope your summer is wonderful!

    4. Annemarie LeBlanc

      Awesome suggestions. My grandkids are 2 years old and we get them learning toys with bright colors and shapes that are just the right size for their little hands. It is at this age that children are sensory learners so anything that stimulates their vision, touch and hearing are beneficial for them.

    5. Marie Altenor

      I want those placemats. Unfortunately It says doesn’t shipp to Canada. My son loves bubbles too.

    6. brianne

      What a fun roundup! I am passing this article onto a friend with a baby this age! I especially love the ride on toy!

    7. Jeanine

      I want to grab the placemats. I’ve seen them all over the place, so I want to grab some for my littles.

    8. Tami

      Books are a big part of our lives. I take delight in seeing babies at this age holding a colorful book in their cute lil’ hands.

    9. CourtneyLynne

      Oooo so many great suggestions!!! We loved the Vtech toys! Kept my daughter occupied for hours

    10. Nita

      All the kids are already above 15 months but I still love your list! I would have loved to have them 1 year ago.


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