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June 2018 Goals

Inspire · Life · June 1, 2018

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Another month has come and gone! It’s time to share my June 2018 Goals. But also to take a look back at May and see how I did!

June 2018 Goals

In May I wanted to…

  • Read 5 books: I read 8!
  • Work on being more consistent on Instagram (just not my fav form of social media): I tried, I Had a lot of sponsored things that I did this month.
  • Start a newsletter series for the blog: I have the idea for it, just need to work on it more!
  • Have one date night with Andrew– We had 2 so this is a major win.
  • Finalize plans for our trip to Florida: Pretty much done!
  • Have blog posts scheduled through June: pretty much done!
  • Be more consistent with meditation and 10-15 minutes of yoga daily: I was better but still need work!
  • Do one special thing with Liam each week: Yes we did lots of parks, walks, swimming, Target fun, story times, play dates, etc.
  • Find time to journal: FAIL! Oh well.

In June I want to…

  • Read 5 books
  • Go on one non Florida trip date with Andrew
  • Work on our office-it’s a disaster
  • Donate products/makeup I don’t plan to use
  • Do something super fun with my boys for Fathers Day
  • Work on Pinterest (really close to 25K)
  • Get July content mostly done
  • Go to a new class at the gym

What are some things you want to get done in June?

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  • 29 thoughts on “June 2018 Goals

    1. Stephanie Stebbins

      I really need to do this so I can hold myself accountable for my goals! I’m moving in July so all of my time is centered on that and work but once we’re settled, I think I’m gonna give it a go. Thanks for the great idea and congrats on crushing most of your goals <3

    2. roamy

      Well done you, I always check at my goals and month after month my heart do sink knowing I have failed.Must say I will do backflips and some winner dance the day I will feel comfortable with Pinterest, every blog I read says to use Pinterest but my images are not as flashy as the ones I see there so I`ve never tried.

    3. Kaitlin

      I loved reading about your June goals! It’s always so inspiring seeing what others are working toward. Thank you for sharing! Good luck accomplishing all of your goals (and can’t wait to read the recap next month!)

      Kaitlin ||

    4. Alyssa

      My June goals are read 5 books (without buying any new ones), not buy any starbucks, and track all spending! As you can tell most of mine are focused on saving money and getting my finances on track! Best of luck with your June goals.

    5. Shelly smith

      You should be ashamed of yourself for what you did to that woman who owns a small business. You deserve to pay her every penny of that one million bucks.

    6. Holly

      What a great idea to record your goals so you are accountable for them! You did an amazing job at crushing them for May and I love all your fun goals for June! I need to do a lot of the same things! Good luck!

    7. Brandy

      I look forward to seeing how you get along with your June goal list. This is a great idea, I love that you do this every month and share the results with us.

    8. Keating | Mainely Keating

      Girl, please do a post on how you manage to read THAT many books in a month hahaha I was a bad reader prior to having our daughter but since having her, I’m finding it next to impossible to even read one let alone eight haha but it sounds like you did great with your May goals!! Hopefully you’re just as successful in June 🙂

    9. ShootingStarsMag

      You got almost all of your May goals accomplished, so great job! Go you for having so much scheduled out for the month. I have some things written or started – just need to get it scheduled!

    10. Jessy

      That’s awesome that you hit most of your goals for May! Hope June goes just as well for you! I definitely need to start writing my monthly goals down!

    11. brianne

      I love your goals and really need to start doing this for myself each month! I want to work on my pinterest as well!

    12. Leila

      I love this post! I’m kind of ”planner person” so this is inspiring to me 🙂
      Well done for 5 books, I hardly manage 2 simply too busy! And also Pinterest, I’m going to have look into your account I’m so bad there guess putting all my efforts into Instagram.

    13. Emma

      This is great! I love that you’re setting monthly goals – it’s kind of like a new year resolution but it’s every month! Might start doing this too

    14. Alexis

      A Florida trip sounds so fun! I’m hoping to get June’s content written this week and then start on July/August posts so I’m prepared for when our baby makes an appearance. Good luck getting everything done this month!

    15. jamie

      Those sound like doable goals – I too need to work on my office. It’s so messy, its getting difficult to concentrate on work, lol.


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