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My Christmas Wish List

Holiday · Life · December 21, 2016

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Here we are just a few days away from Christmas. One of my favorite holidays. Most years I have shared my Christmas wish list, and this year is no different. I always enjoy seeing other peoples. It’s getting a little tougher as I get older to come up with non gift card ideas. Also, being pregnant this year I really didn’t ask for clothes because I only have a few weeks left. So here is my Christmas Wish List 2016.


Christmas Wish List 2016

I asked for several coffee table books. It’s something I collect and I have them all over our house. The few I asked for this year were the Domino book above as well as Gray Malin’s Beaches book, Living With Pattern by Rebecca Atwood, and Grace Not Perfection By Emily Ley which isn’t exactly a coffee table book but it’s pretty!

As always, Lululemon made an appearance on my wish list. I asked for lots of socks because they are my favorite. I also asked for tech gloves which will be great for the next few months of walks/jogs.

I asked my mom for a really nice pair of nursing PJs. I feel like I will be in PJs a lot come February, and with visitors in the hospital and at home a cozy pretty set of PJs sounds lovely. These from Nordstrom are a winner.

The only makeup product I asked for was this Fresh lip set. I love Fresh sugar lip scrubs and this set screamed yes! I did ask for some perfume though. Replica, Beach Walk is one of my favorites, and it’s pricey so not something I would want to buy myself. It also comes in a more budget friendly rollerball option.

I did ask for several Starbucks gift cards as well as a pretty fun mug. I love the Starbucks mug collection this year.

The last thing was the 2017 Ashley Brooke Designs desk calendar. I loved the one I had last year so I was so excited to see a bit different of one this year. It’s so pretty!

What is one thing on your Christmas Wish list 2016?

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  • 41 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List

    1. Tawni

      This is a fantastic list! I might have to add some of these to my own wish list… and my birthday is only 9 days after Christmas, so that increases my chances of getting what I want, right? 🙂

    2. Alexa

      You picked great items! I always love getting mugs and I’m a huge planner so I love the calendar! I actually got two planners for 2017 as gifts haha.

    3. Catherine Short

      Comfy PJs is a must! I had bought a few items before Phoenix was born but ended up wearing soft maxi dresses for a few weeks since I had a c-section. I’m wearing the pjs I bought now though!

    4. Annemarie LeBlanc

      You know there is truth to the saying, “The older you get, the less you want.” If I were to make a Christmas wish list, I would probably wish for a good in-ear headset, some slipper socks, and maybe new curtains.

    5. Chrissy

      I love all of the things on your wish list! That mug and planner are awesome! I really need a pair of tech gloves – it’s so cold and when I walk the pup I really don’t want to take off my gloves to answer my phone or take pics.

    6. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

      I definitely find as I get older, my list becomes more and more boring. My hair dryer broke several months ago so I put a new one on my list. I also had a couple books and gift cards too. My gift card requests are always my usual places: Trader Joes, Costco, Target. Sometimes I may add a fun store to get new clothes, but I just love that gift cards can help me buy the boring stuff that isn’t usually fun to buy but this makes it a bit more fun…if that makes any sense. haha

    7. jessica lynn

      Comfy PJ’s are on my list, too! Have you checked out Pink Blush? LOVE their stuff, and they’re nursing friendly, too. I’m crossing my fingers the hints I left will bring me a gift card in my stocking this year 🙂

    8. Nellwyn

      I also put a perfume on my wishlist this year since it’s the type of thing I wouldn’t really buy myself. And you can’t go wrong with a Starbucks gift card!

    9. Babita

      I love the mug on your list. As for my Christmas list, even though it is boring, it is what I wanted. My DH got it for me during Christmas and I already started using it.

    10. jen

      I bought I gray Malin book for myself this summer and continue to give it as a gift, such a gorgeous book!

    11. Divya @ Eat Teach Blog

      I will be so grateful for anything I get this Christmas! With my husband in medical school, we’re on a tight budget throughout the year and we aren’t buying the niceties that I normally impulsively bought. So, any gift we get will be so so appreciated!

    12. Michele

      I really don’t have a wish list for Cheistman or in my case Channucha. The only thing I have ever wished for is a peaceful and loving earth where there are no wars and everyone gets along!

    13. Dia Darling

      The desk calendar is beautiful. Sadly I bought my desk calendar for 2017 a while ago and what I need/asked for, for Christmas was a desk. My sister and I looked on Christmas Eve but the choices were limited so she offered to just give me cash and let me look in my own city.


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