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New Mom Self Care

Beauty · Mom Stuff · Sponsored Post · March 13, 2017

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Becoming a mom has been an amazing experience for me. Liam brings endless amounts of joy and fun to my life, and I couldn’t feel more lucky to be his mom. One thing about becoming a new mom is that your time for self care becomes less and less. I want to talk about a few ways to have some new mom self care time today.

New Mom Self Care

  • Take a walk/workout: We go for walks every day as long as it isn’t raining. If the weather is bad we go somewhere like Target or the mall and walk around for an hour or so. I feel like getting in those steps is so important for my mental state. I love to workout and while I have a little less than 2 weeks before I will be cleared for full workouts, walking makes me feel good about myself. Because of this, I feel I am a better mom to Liam.
  • Have a LONG shower or bath: The day I got home from the hospital I showered for 30 minutes. It felt amazing! I never felt really clean at the hospital so that shower was much needed. I even got to try out some of the new Philosophy 6 piece shower gel collection. The Six delicious scents include:
    • Basil cucumber cooler: cucumber, crushed basil, orange juice, bergamot, rose, cyclamen, eucalyptus, sweet moss, creamy woods, liquid amber
    • Iced mint lemonade: sugar-dusted lemon and crushed mint
    • Chilled ginger tea: a refreshing blend of jeweled ginger, bergamot, and juicy mandarin balanced with iced mate tea, Moroccan jasmine, and cyclamen. notes of benzoin, warm musk, and sunlit woods create a comforting close
    • Fresh cream and mint: enjoy the essence of fresh whipped crème with an indulging blend of peppermint and creamy vanilla
    • Marzipan dream: cozy pistachio warmth, creamy soft vanilla
    • Apricots and cream: fresh apricot, creamy vanilla, sweet sugar

    It is the perfect pick-me-up for a sweet and delicious shower or bath experience. Lather up with Philosophy’s extra-rich and luxurious 3-in-1 shower gel formula. The multitasking formula cleanses and conditions skin and hair, while providing a rich, foaming lather. Surround yourself with these delicious scents, designed to let you indulge without the calories as you lather. QVC offers the largest assortment of Philosophy, bringing you multi-tasking, approachable, and affordable skincare for all ages, skin types, and genders. My personal favorites are fresh cream and mint, apricots and cream, and basil cucumber cooler. Treating yourself to a yummy bath or shower when some days you feel less than attractive is really nice. 

  • Get Out Of The House: I try to get out of the house by myself at least once a week even if it’s just an hour and I’m going to Target. I’ve gone for mani/pedi’s, walks along, a trip to the grocery store, etc. It’s important for new moms to have time away and for dads to have quality time bonding with the baby as well. The first time I left Liam I missed him so much and I do every single time. However, I know it’s good for him to have a mom that is her best self, and having time to myself makes me just that.

What do you think a good way for new mom self care is?

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  • 35 thoughts on “New Mom Self Care

    1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

      It’s kind of funny because in Chinese tradition, a new mum isn’t allowed to leave the house for at least a month after giving birth! It’s because she’s vulnerable or something – I’m not sure. I can’t imagine not getting to see the sunshine though. Getting outside of the house is a great habit to have for anyone, pregnant, mother, or not!

      Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    2. Lauren | also known as mama

      It’s so important for moms to remember to take care of themselves. I love Philosophy products – my mom actually bought me the Fresh Cream set for my hospital bag with my last delivery. It’s such a nice, soft smell. The perfect pick-me-up when you’re not feeling your best.

    3. Abbey

      I think just taking time for you and baby is a good idea! Visitors and obligations can wait; this is a short season, and we should soak up every moment! 🙂

    4. Ashley Markwood

      Honestly….I’m with you on the shower too! I’m a big fan of baths and BIG fan of drinking a glass of wine WHILE taking a bubble bath! So relaxing and even if it’s just 30 minutes – it’s a start!

    5. Jaime

      Showering was such a luxury in those early days of having a new baby in the house. I think any type of exercise (even if it’s walking around Target) is beneficial and 30 minutes of downtime – napping or reading a book – was something I loved.

    6. Krysten

      I think new mom’s always forget to get out of the house or the thought of it is just so overwhelming. That’s how I was when I first had my son. I try so hard to get out everyday now, because I don’t feel good when I don’t.

    7. Liz Mays

      You definitely have to treat yourself from time to time as a new parent. These scents sound so nice! I think I’d like Fresh Cream and Mint too.

    8. Leila

      Those are great tips! Hot shower is my no 1. These scents sound so nice! I think I’d like Fresh Cream and Mint too.

    9. Charlotte

      Baby is here! Oh, my goodness… Hope you are enjoying EVERY minute! And I love Philosophy products–there’s nothing better than treating yourself to a bit of pampering now and then (now that you’re a newbie momma, you’ll need that when you can get it, right?)

    10. Jolina

      I think it’s important to ask for help. It can get overwhelming so knowing that you have your support system behind you is a huge deal.

    11. Leanna

      A nice, long shower is the best cure for just about anything! I love those Philosophy 3 in 1 washes. I’m going to have to try the basil cucumber one, it sounds fantastic!

    12. Lindsay

      Exercise is absolutely my self care. Whether we go for a long stroll or I jump on the elliptical while she’s napping, it always helps me renew my mind. Walking is therapeutic for both of us and we always return home in a better mood than when we left. I’ll have to try the long bath 😉

    13. Emily

      For me, self care often means handing over the kids to my husband and getting some time to myself – even if it’s just a few minutes. And then just simple things like remembering to drink enough water, and keeping healthy snacks on hand to grab while nursing the baby. Definitely have to agree on the long showers – it’s so peaceful!

    14. rachel

      Yes, yes yes! The ONE thing I’ve done every single day since both of my kids were born was take a nice hot shower. It makes you feel human again!!

    15. Divya

      YES! I’m not a mama yet, but I am an advocate for all mamas everywhere. Self-care is so important. You have to fuel yourself so you can fuel your little ones <3 Hope you and your family are doing wonderfully!

    16. Marielle Altenor

      It’s so important to take care of yourself when you are a new mom. We easily forget though. After giving birth to my daughter the only time I really got to relax is when her dad was there to watch her while I take a shower.

    17. Annie

      My son was born in November and I was lucky to be off from work for three months. We went for walks almost every single day, thankfully having a mild winter. The days we couldn’t get outside were long and hard and completely draining. The fresh air was a game changer I totally recommend getting out daily, either outside or to the mall or target like you said!


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