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Products I Always Travel With

Travel · June 18, 2020

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We have a few trips coming up and regardless if I’m are staying local, traveling across the country, or going on a road trip, there are certain products I always travel with! Some of these are beauty, some are tech, but all are essential!

Products I Always Travel With

Small purse and card case: I almost always take a tote on the plane with me but I always travel with a small crossbody bag for while we are on a trip. I really don’t like to carry much around especially in a new place. This is my go-to crossbody to take. I also LOVE a good card case because I pretty much only take my ID, 2 credit cards, and a little cash. So I don’t really need my entire huge wallet.

Large external charger: I have a really little Anker charger I use for everyday use but I love my bigger one for travel. I can easily charge all my devices and get several full charges out of it.

Face masks: I am a big fan of the Summer Fridays jet-lag mask especially on planes. I also love my Tata Harper resurfacing mask to really detox my face from grimy car trips, or eating lots of food I wouldn’t normally eat. This Tata Harper exfoliating face wash is great too for before masks!

Hydrating facial essence: This is PERFECT for flights to give your skin the extra hydration it needs.

iPad/Airpods: I rarely go anywhere without my Airpods which to this day are one of the best purchases I have made. They stay charged for days and are so tiny. I also still love my iPad which I have had for 5 years now. It’s small and perfect for reading or watching movies.

Cashmere wrap: For years and years I lusted after the White and Warren cashmere wraps and finally got one. This is perfect to keep you warm on flights or in airports. Its honestly like having a small blanket!

Slippers: I do not like to walk on hotel room floors barefoot. I know this is silly but I have always been this way. I always take a pair of slippers with me and even when we stay at my in-law’s house I love to walk around in them instead of being barefoot.

What is one item you always travel with?


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  • 8 thoughts on “Products I Always Travel With

    1. Stephanie

      My everyday wallet is basically a card carrier that my phone sticks to magnetically. It is perfect for when I travel since it’s so small. I always bring my reusable water bottle and fill it whenever I need to. I also don’t like walking on hotel floors, so I bring socks for that.

    2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I am never without my power bank and phone charger. It just makes me anxious to be in the middle of a new place and not have enough charge on my phone. I also never forget my in-ear headsets. Listening to my favorite playlists keeps the boredom away on long trips.


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