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9 Things

Life · June 15, 2020

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Hey friends! This is going to be a lighter post. I just want to share 9 things I’m loving, watching, reading, thinking about, etc.

9 Things

It Was Simple: You know I love a good true-crime podcast but what you may not know is one of my VERY first true crimes I was into was the Betty Broderick murders. The podcast is great and a good companion to the new season of Dirty John.

Dirty John: Speaking of, I am LOVING the new season of Dirty John. Christian Slater nails it as the douche bag husband and Amanda Peet is so underused in movies/TV.

Simple Makeup: I feel like I always wear pretty simple makeup but especially in summer. If you go to this post you can see my complete makeup routine using only clean makeup and this is what I am doing right now!

Netflix Reality TV: Tiger King, Love Is Blind, Too Hot To Handle, The Circle. We have watched them all and they are SO GOOD! The Circle may be my favorite but I highly suggest them all.

Supergoop: I know Supergoop has been around a while but I am very new to the brand. I had used their sunscreen last summer and in the last few months started using their daily SPF moisturizer, their eye cream with SPF, and also the glow screen. I can’t wait to try more products!

The Lies That Bind: Emily Giffin’s new books is amazing. I probably love it more than anything of hers I have read since Something Borrowed and it’s such an interesting story of a woman who meets a man and then he disappears completely. Oh and she meets him at 2 AM on 9/11.

Beach Read: Another recent read for me. This is the tale of two writers who help each other get over writing ruts but its very rom-com esq and honestly one of the best books I have read this year.

Artisan Crackers: Andrew brought home these nut thins artisan crackers one day and I cannot stop eating them! They are such a good snack cracker and would probably be great with spinach artichoke dip, or on a cheese plate!

Trader Joes Chicken Burritos: I am not even a burrito person but you guys GET THE CHICKEN BURRITOS! They are legit life-changing. They are 8 WW points so they are great for lunch or dinner! Plus they are just delicious!

What is something fun you have to share?

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  • 13 thoughts on “9 Things

    1. Clarice

      I just finished the TV series that I am watching. Looking for the next one to binge on. Checking these recommendations that you mentioned. This is going to be my first time to watch Netflix Reality TV.

    2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      The book “The Lies That Bind” looks really interesting. I have to get a copy of that. For me, the activity that keeps me sane is watching Chinese and Korean soaps. They really make good soaps, and they don’t drag on for years. Only an average of 16-30 episodes.

    3. Stephanie

      I haven’t used/read/watched any of these on your list! I’ve been hardly wearing any makeup at all, and if I do it’s always simple, too. Reality TV isn’t my thing, but I’ve been watching all of Lucifer on Netflix lately and introducing my boys to some of the classic Disney movies.

    4. Newton Onukwusi

      I love your netflix watch list, i just started watching the circle and its quite a great show..


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