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Recent Reads: Summer 2020

Books · August 26, 2020

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I have been on a reading kick for sure lately. OK I’ve been on a reading kick since I could read but I still wanted to share my recent reads for summer 2020. Most of these are lighter because life is heavy enough. Please note that I do not like to give spoilers so these are just little blurbs of each book but hopefully enough that you find something fun to read!

Recent Reads: Summer 2020

One of my favorite books I’ve read this year was Not The Girl You Marry. When I say it had me from the first page it absolutely did. Hannah and Jack meet at a bar and right away she tells him she is not in this for a relationship. He of course is a serial relationship guy. I’m sure you can tell where this goes. It was really cute and fun and just the perfect light read.

I immediately had to read another Andie Christopher book so I read Not That Kind Of Guy and I LOVED IT!!! It was such a fun story. What happens when you fall for your boss? Or when you fall for your intern?

I had a galley of Head Over Heels all summer and finally got around to reading it. It was so cute and perfect to fill the Olympics sized hole in your heart. If you are a gymnastics fan at all you will really like this one. A light read perfect for the pool.

I have been a huge Curtis Sittenfeld fan since I read, Prep years ago. Rodham is the story of Hillary but a very different story. Imagine if she met Bill but decided not to marry him and go at it in the political world on her own. They still cross paths but this story is so fun!  It’s juicy, powerful, and the perfect pre-election read.

One To Watch was our book club read this summer and I am so glad. It was really cute and one I could not put down. A plus size fashion influencer becomes the new “Bachelorette.” So if you are missing your reality TV fix this summer this would be a great one to pick up!

I got a galley of Older, the sequel to Younger earlier this summer and I love love loved it! I am really missing the show right now so this was perfect timing. It comes out September 8th but if you are a younger fan and read the first book you for sure need to read this one.

I liked Sorry I Missed you but not as much as I was hoping I would. It’s a really interesting book about 3 women living together who have all been ghosted by someone and really need closure in certain past relationships (both romantic and not). They receive a letter that every one thinks is for them so of course the big mystery. It was fun to read but not my favorite.

I have tons more book reviews coming up but please leave some book suggestions for me below!

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  • 13 thoughts on “Recent Reads: Summer 2020

    1. Emily

      I’ve heard good things about One to Watch and have been thinking about checking it out. I didn’t realize Rodham was a fiction novel. It sounds really interesting!

    2. Stephanie

      Oh, a few of these sound like just the book my book club would read! We haven’t gotten together since COVID plus we’ve all had a lot of other responsibilities lately. We are hoping to get back at it once the kids are all back in school after this hurricane passes us now.

    3. Caroline

      So excited to add these to my goodreads list and check them out! Thank you for your recommendations! I think you may like Beach Read by Emily Henry based on what you mentioned above!


    4. Elizabeth O

      Good for you. A lot of them sound like romance/relationship books and that fictional tale on Hilary looks interesting. I just finished reading The Ramayana; an epic tale and classical book on spiritual lessons from India. I am now reading another classic Indian epic story – The Mahabharata. They are huge readings but are pithy with life lessons.

    5. Stephanie

      I’m planning on reading One to Watch very soon. I keep hearing raves about it. I love mixing in some cute romcoms and contemporary fiction with my typical fantasy reads. I look forward to trying some of these other titles as well! They all sound fun!

    6. Mosaics Lab

      I feel bad for saying that I’ve never heard of any of these books before now! I would love to grab one of this amazing selection as soon as I am done reading my book (the black swan). Thank you.

    7. Jennifer Prince

      Ooooh. Rodham sounds so interesting! I need to pick up a new book – I’ve taken to watching Netflix’s Call the Midwife, and I need to start reading again instead. Fun choices!

    8. Natalie

      Thank you for introducing these books to me. I’ve already see some that I find interesting. I will definitely add them to my Autumn reading list.


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