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Morning Walks

Fitness and Health · Sponsored Post · August 31, 2020

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When COVID-19 first started my anxiety got really bad really fast. I was stressed, anxious, and just moody. I mean, who isn’t? I started going for morning walks with a friend 3 days a week (socially distanced) and then by myself the other 4 days and it changed everything for me. If you are looking for a great way to start your day, I want to share why morning walks are a game-changer.

Morning Walks

Morning Walks

Up earlier: I set my alarm for 5:40 and I am usually out the door by 6. I feel so great knowing that by 7 AM I have already accomplished something and my mood is better. I am someone who is their most productive in the morning. Waking up early and being productive sets my mind right for the day. I always feel like when I do these morning walks I get more done.

Getting steps in: I try to walk for 40-50 minutes and usually cover about 2-2.5 miles. The good news too is our neighborhood is fairly hilly. So not only am I getting more than half my 10K steps done first thing in the morning but I am also walking up lots of hills which is good for the legs and booty! HA! Walking 10K steps a day is something I attribute for helping me lose the baby weight both times and stay in shape in general. So I love that I am able to do more than half of it before my day is really even started.

Mental escape: Having that 45-50 minutes alone is such a great mental escape. Being able to listen to music I want or a Podcast or audiobook or really just be alone with my thoughts is so nice. I love watching the sun come up and there is really something so very peaceful about it.

During these morning walks I have been using my new adidas Ultra Boosts which gives me so my support and have really helped the shin splits I was dealing with before. They are great shoes for runs and walks and look pretty cute too! adidas makes my absolute favorite shoes for walking and running and I really don’t buy other brands.

If you need to figure out the best running shoes for you check here.

Are you someone who enjoys walks? Are you a morning or evening person?

Thank you to adidas for partnering on this post. 

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  • 20 thoughts on “Morning Walks

    1. Patricia P

      Walking is such a healthy activity. I am so glad you found this out for yourself. I love walking. It helped heal me and give me a clear head during my cancer treatments. I firmly believe I handled my radiation treatments better because I walked the 3 miles to/from the hospital everyday for treatments.

    2. Stephanie

      Before COVID, my best friend and I used to go on morning walks a few times per week. She’s a runner (I am NOT) so she would run to my house, we would walk for 30 minute together, then she would run home. I miss those walks, but I don’t like going out by myself before the sun is up. I have to be home by 6 to have time to shower and get ready before taking my boys to school.

    3. Joline

      During the lockdown I appreciated walks more. We live near the lake so walking and seeing the water is so calming.

    4. Lori Bosworth

      That’s great that you have been doing morning walks during the pandemic. What a great way to deal with anxiety. Like you, I always prefer exercise in the morning when I have more energy.

    5. Jennifer Prince

      I live in an area that is so conducive to walking, which I love! Those shoes are super cute on you, too!

    6. Stephanie

      Man oh man do I miss morning walks! I used to go on them almost every day when I was younger. My parents loved neighborhood walks and I would go with them or with a friend in high school. Since being diagnosed with my chronic illness several years ago, mornings have been much more challenging for me, and I have a hard time even waking up before 8, let alone getting out of my bed and moving right away. It’s something I certainly took for granted in my childhood years. There is really something so refreshing about waking up before the sun to enjoy time in nature!

    7. Deborah

      I always have to take my dog out on a walk in the mornings but I haven’t truly appreciated these morning walks until the pandemic hit! They really do make a huge difference!

    8. Christa

      I love exercising first thing in the morning! Pre-COVID, my routine was to run 5 miles at 5 am. Now, I’m doing around 3 at 6. It’s such a sense of accomplishment when you know you’ve gotten your steps in and have the whole day ahead of you.

    9. Elizabeth O

      Walking has been a life saver for me too. I walk every day and cover between 4-6 miles. It is very rewarding on all levels plus I live near a park and my walk includes part of it.

    10. Alex

      It’s been so hot here, so I haven’t gotten back into my usual walk routine. But once the weather starts cooling down, I’m definitely going to get back into AM walks, especially with out new puppy!

      Alex |

    11. Alice

      Love this chic workout set!! I was all about my daily walks when quarantine began but oh my goodness the heat lately has been so crazy. Hoping to get back into them when things cool down. Thanks for the inspo!

      xo, Alice

    12. Praneesh Prabhakar

      Sounds like you have an incredible timetable! Additionally love your shoes <3

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