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Weight Watchers Update 9 Months

Fitness and Health · August 24, 2020

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I posted early in the summer about my experience so far with Weight Watchers the second time around. Yesterday, Charlotte turned 9 months and has been out as long as she was in so I wanted to give a weight watchers update at the 9-month mark.

Weight Watchers Update 9 Months

As of today, I have lost 72 of 78 lbs I gained. Yes, 78 lbs! A lot of people find that shocking but after gaining 70 lbs with Liam it’s just what my body does. I am less focused on the number right now and more about how I feel in clothes, and my overall health. I am still using the program to track my food and exercise and probably will continue for several more months. I have the kind of personality where I do better with accountability and I feel as though the app gives me that.

I feel like losing the weight was important to me to be able to be the best mom I can be for my kids. Weight gain is really hard for me emotionally and has been my entire life. One thing I really love about Weight Watchers is that I eat whatever I want and I am more conscious of my portion sizes which is the big issue for me. When I was pregnant I really lived life as a free for all with food. I am glad now I have a better handle on knowing when I am truly hungry and also eating correct portion sizes.

As far as exercise this has been MUCH different from last time as I haven’t been to the gym or done personal training since February. I have been doing a mix of walking 10K steps a day and Pure Barre on Demand.

As far as what I eat, I really eat pretty normally. I have always had oatmeal for breakfast. For lunch, I usually have chicken or turkey breast with fruit and veggies or I make a chopped salad. For dinner, we eat normal stuff: Pasta dishes, chicken dishes, lots of things with ground turkey like taco bowls, and Andrew’s pizza he makes every Friday. I also have wine and my Starbucks latte 🙂 If I want a cookie I have a cookie. I just track everything!

As I mentioned I have 6 lbs left but I feel like I am in great shape and I am really happy with my progress. Losing weight is really hard for me and something that really takes work for me. I truly find Weight Watchers motivational.

Have you ever used Weight Watchers or a similar program?

***This is NOT sponsored. I pay for Weight Watchers with my own money and always have.

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  • 23 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Update 9 Months

    1. Helena Marz

      Wow that’s amazing you lost 72 pounds! I think Weight Watchers is the best program to go especially you can eat anything you want and track your portion sizes and easier to maintain the weight loss compared to other diet programs where you are not allowed to eat certain things. Keep it up girl! ❤️

    2. Nooky

      This sounds like an ideal for weight loss. I noticed and there is also a research that 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1 to 5 years. Your way seems to be more sustainable for a long run! I am happy for you!

    3. Venus Gilyard

      Wow! You should be so proud of yourself for losing 72lbs. And you said you was doing 10,000 steps a day. That really helped you. This is something I should be doing. It definitely seems like a really good workout.

    4. Stephanie

      I haven’t done weight watchers, but I have used the Lose It app to track what I am eating. It really helped me keep portion sizes in control as well. We’ve been doing BeachBody workouts and my husband and I did workout 86 of the 100 day program we started!

    5. Jennifer Prince

      That’s fabulous that you are so close to your goal weight. I think you look fabulous, and yes – our bodies do what they need to when they’re growing babies. Great update!!

    6. Alex

      Wow, congratulations! I’ve done Weight Watchers a few times before and found it to be highly effective! Huge kudos to sticking to it, especially during this crazy time.

      Alex |

    7. Stephanie

      I’m always curious how these programs work for people, really and truly, so it’s great to hear about your positive experience. I’m glad it’s been such a good journey for you and that you’ve met goals you were hoping to meet!

    8. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I am happy that you are close to reaching your goal. What an achievement. I want my daughter to read about this. She still has a lot of post-pregnancy weight that she has to lose. I want to let her know that it can be done!

    9. Melanie williams

      Well good on you for doing so well…I think this is a great achievement and glad that you are getting your goals ticked off x

    10. Christa

      Congrats on such a wonderful accomplishment! I love that your focus is on health and how you feel. I think you look (and always look) absolutely gorgeous.

    11. Molly

      That’s amazing! It’s been years since I have done WW, but I remember really enjoying it. You look fantastic—and I’m sure you’re feeling amazing, too!

    12. Molly

      This is amazing—congratulations! It’s been years since I did WW, but it has always been a great program. You look fantastic, but I’m sure you feel even better!

    13. Jill Oliver

      I used to do weight watchers in 2008 -2011 and made lifetime . I keep on thinking I need to go back because I really enjoyed how it was about accountability in what you ate. Good job with it

    14. Sara

      Congrats girlie! That’s amazing! I can’t believe you had that much to lose, but I’m proud of you for sticking to it and figuring out a plan that could help you feel better about yourself!

    15. Megan Elliott

      Wow!! Amazing job! It sounds like you are truly doing this the healthiest way; modified eating for a healthier lifestyle without depriving yourself. I’m so glad you’ve found something that works for you!


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